Decoration and children

Decoration and children

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The design of the space that children will occupy in the house is very important to guarantee their well-being. During pregnancy, some parents already visualize the colors and type of decoration they want for their child's room. Others prefer to wait, visit stores, consult opinions and choose to prepare the basic equipment and allow time to pass before decorating the room according to the baby's needs.

As for taste, something similar happens. Some parents prefer something very simple and straightforward, and others, instead, decide to set up the room of their dreams for the future baby. Some choose to buy and others prefer to create and assemble themselves. In any case, the room where the baby is going to sleep always reflects in every corner, the love and dedication of his parents.

When deciding on the decoration of the children's room, first, you have to measure and depending on the space, take the appropriate considerations. It is also convenient to be clear about how much you can and want to spend. Facing the challenge of decorating the future baby's room requires patience, determination, and a lot of love and will.

Feelings are expressed and noticed in the things we do. In general, decoration experts believe that there are two ages that should be differentiated in children's bedrooms. The first corresponds to the newborn baby's room up to three years of age, which has a very specific decoration with the bassinet or the crib as the protagonist.

The second decoration is aimed at children between 3 and 11 years old, where the study table and the bed take the lead.

However, the principles for decorating the room tend to vary depending on fashions, tastes and the space available. However, there are some dominant common denominators in the color of the walls (generally, in neutral or pastel colors), in the furniture (lacquered in light colors or finished in soft-toned wood) and in the accessories (bedding, curtains , carpet, lighting) in tones related to the baby's gender.

It is also common to choose a children's theme (Mickey, Barbie, Winnie Pooh) and fill the child's room with objects and fabrics related to the chosen character. While some parents believe that decorating with a theme is easier, others prefer to use their own creativity and create a more personalized environment.

It all depends on the availability of space, available financial resources, time and the degree of enthusiasm you have. Currently, the offer for the creation of children's environments in the home is increasingly varied and wide. There are prices within reach of all pockets and, perhaps, for this reason that demand continues to evolve at an increasing rate.

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