Things happen on earth. Poetry to tell children about tragedies

Things happen on earth. Poetry to tell children about tragedies

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Sooner or later children are faced with harsh reality, tragedies difficult to explain occur in the world. There are wars, deaths, injustices, droughts, famines, refugees ...

How to explain it? On our site we invite you to read this with them Children's poem to tell children about the tragedies of the world: Things happen on earth. It is a short poem, written by Marisa Alonso SantamarĂ­a in which a small cloud is sad because it does not understand the reason why these tragedies occur. However, behind the dramas and all the terrible things that happen, there is always a little halo of hope.

Wiping away the tears

with a tulle scarf,

a cloud is crying

In a gray and blue sky

Although the tears dry

immediately more sprout,

and on earth so long

they have never seen rain.

Tell us what happens to you

we want to help you,

Do you want to fly with the wind?

Or play with the breeze?

Maybe swim with the fish?

Or with the waves of the sea?

Tell us cloud what's wrong

that you don't stop crying.

Things happen on Earth

that afflict my heart,

there are wars and children die

for no reason or reason.

There are people dying of hunger

and others throw food away.

Is it that they don't realize there

who are killing themselves in life?

They go in walnut shells,

crossing the seas,

thinking that on the other side

they will be able to form their homes.

No one knew how to comfort her

because he was right,

things happen on earth

that shrink the heart.

And started crying again

the cloud very sorry,

nobody understands that the earth

is giving up.

But the cry of a baby

gives them back the illusion,

life goes on

A new heart beats!

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