7 reasons why you should never give your child a dog as a toy

7 reasons why you should never give your child a dog as a toy

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A dog is not a toy, it is an animal. It seems obvious, but many parents forget this and decide to give a dog to their child without advising him of the responsibility and care that comes with it.

A dog brings many benefits to children. They give a lot of affection and teach basic values, but it takes away freedom because it requires attention and a lot of time. Therefore, before looking for a pet for your child, think carefully. Te we help: review these 7 reasons why you should never give your child a dog as a toy.

Dogs and any pet is a living being, which It involves a series of basic care and attention. Therefore, a dog can never be given to a child as a toy. Here are some reasons why you should never gift a dog as a toy to your child:

1. A dog is a living being. As such, it needs a series of basic care that cannot be forgotten: food, hygiene, walks ...

2. It involves a lot of responsibility. Having an animal is not the same as having a toy that you can put away and put aside for a while. A dog implies daily and constant attention.

3. It will rob your child of a lot of time. Dogs need to go out, play, be fed, cared for. It involves spending a lot of time on them, and it is something that the child should know from the beginning.

4. He is one of the family. Your child must be clear that dogs are part of the family, and that they live for many years. All that time it must offer you quality of life.

5. You have to educate them. Dogs, as puppies, are a lot of work. The most normal thing is that when they are small, dogs only want to play, do not obey orders, pee and poop at home, and even bite ... They need a lot of perseverance, establish rules and limits and be persistent in their education.

6. Limit the way you travel. There will be places where you cannot take your pet. You must take this into account. If you really like traveling to exotic places, keep in mind that many of these places you will not be able to take your pet with you.

7. It costs money. The vet, vaccines, possible problems that arise ... The pet is an extra expense that must also be taken into account.

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