Cesarean section in childbirth. How to recover from a cesarean section

Cesarean section in childbirth. How to recover from a cesarean section

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Recovering from a C-section is slower than recovering from a vaginal delivery. For this reason, you will have to stay in the hospital for a few more days (3 to 5), than if you had given birth after a vaginal delivery.

The first two or three days after the cesarean section are the most annoying. Complete recovery does not occur for 6 weeks, but 2 weeks after the operation it is usual to feel much better. During the first week, it is normal to have vaginal bleeding, but from the second week, the reddish bleeding will change to yellowish or pink and will continue for 6 weeks.

The first critical moment after cesarean section is when the effects of anesthesia subside. It is normal to keep the catheters in place for the administration of serums and medication and even the urinary catheter until 24 hours after having carried out the intervention.

After removal of the catheter it is important to urinate, although it may be a bit uncomfortable at first. Running the tap or pouring some warm water down your pubis can help you with urination. In addition, by being able to empty the bladder, you will also make it easier for the uterus to return to its normal size more easily. This Involution of the uterus leads to bleeding, which can last up to 6 weeks.

You should get out of bed and get up with help, getting up with the help of a cushion that you will hold next to your belly. Once you are standing, it is recommended that you take short walks to improve circulation in the legs and prevent thrombosis. These walks will also help you to mobilize the intestinal transit again, since it is stopped by anesthesia and you should evacuate or inform your midwife that you are not doing it. To relieve the annoying gas and cramps resulting from any abdominal surgery, a rocking chair or rocking in a chair can help you.

Putting your baby to the breast can be a bit difficult at first, especially holding the baby in your arms because the weight of the child on the scar can hurt. Cesarean delivery does not interfere with milk production. Use cushions or lie on your side to nurse.

Healing and healing the cesarean section wound is becoming easier as more and more absorbable stitches are used and they are covered with antiseptic dressings that prevent infections by bacteria from the environment. A cesarean section wound usually takes about 10 days to heal and it is important to always keep it clean and dry to avoid infection. It should not suffer redness, inflammation or pain when you touch it.
If you notice any of these symptoms or that it takes a long time to heal, you should ask your doctor.

Caesarean section wound care:

1. Avoid making sudden movements that compromise the abdominal muscles or affect healing.

2. Wear cotton garments that allow perspiration.

3. Keep a few days of rest after the operation. During the first two weeks after the operation, avoid climbing stairs, doing housework, gaining weight, and exercising.

4. Avoid resuming sexual intercourse until after a month and a half.

Rest at home should be your maxim to properly recover your abdominal muscles, which are weak from the surgery. Sleep as much as your baby allows and at least take one nap a day taking care of your posture. Take a shower, don't bathe and don't wear tampons, use compresses, until the scar has completely healed. Some symptoms that can alert you that something is wrong are the following:

- Bleeding or suppuration from the scar.

- Heavy vaginal bleeding.

- Burning when urinating.

- Fever. More than 38 ºC.

- Headaches. If they do not remit in intensity.

- Sudden pain or burning in the abdominal area.

- Chest pain: redness, hot or hard areas.

- Swollen legs.

- Depression

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