Ideas for taking beautiful photos of twin babies

Ideas for taking beautiful photos of twin babies

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How to take original photos of twins or twins


You have a boy and a girl, congratulations! Put the couple each in a color, if you want the traditional style in blue and pink, or you can opt for less conventional color combinations (green and purple, orange and yellow ...). It will be a very special photo.

If you have two daughters, you can take very original photos when they are babies. Put a pink bodysuit on one and a white bodysuit, place them on the bed or a soft rug and you can take a very cute and funny photo of your girls from above.

You can buy a hat like this, or knit it if you know how to handle the needle. In any case, it will be a very funny photo if you put two hats on your twins joined by a string as if they were part of a tree. You can also make it with cherries!

If you have a pet at home, it can also participate in family photos. Dogs get along very well with children, so they will enjoy the company of your twins. And children will love having a memory with their pet.

There are many advantages to having twins or twins, and undoubtedly one of the most fun for parents is dressing the children to match. Even if it is only a complement, as in the case of these babies with hats, it can be a very funny photo to try to guess which one is.

Costumes have enchanted children from their earliest childhood, and if your children are twins they can make the most of it with matching costumes. Any occasion is good to dress up with the children, from Carnivals to Halloween or Christmas, you will see how much fun!

It is a lot of fun to see the similarities and differences between siblings, which exist even when it comes to twins. Of course, the smaller they are, the less these differences are noticed, so this funny photo gives the impression of looking at a mirror.

With two equal babies, one of the funniest options for taking photos is to play with perspective. Your twins are sure to love seeing this photo when they grow up, side by side in an original way of seeing the photo from a different perspective.

Parents of twins often have to resort to little tricks during the first months of their children's lives in order to differentiate them. Bracelets, clothes and pacifiers are some of the most common resources, so taking a funny photo reflecting it can be a beautiful memory for the future.

That two children are twins does not mean that they have the same tastes, some begin to show their own personality right away. A good example is culinary tastes, does one of your children like vanilla and the other chocolate? Show it with a funny photo like the one we propose.

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