5 types of cough in children

5 types of cough in children

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We will start defining cough as a defense mechanism that helps keep our airways clean, expelling either phlegm, viruses, bacteria, allergens, etc.

There are many types of coughs, but here we will talk about the 5 most frequent and important in children. Learn to differentiate up to 5 types of cough in children.

1.- Cough with phlegm or productive:This is the most frequent cough in children, it usually accompanies the cold although it also occurs in cases of pneumonia, the cough with phlegm occurs in response to viruses or bacteria in the respiratory tract, the phlegm serves to trap these microorganisms and later to be expelled with the cough. Babies and young children get rid of their phlegm by swallowing or swallowing it, if the phlegm is abundant it can make them vomit, it usually lasts less than 10 days.

2.- Dry or irritating cough: It is due to an irritation of the airway without production of mucus, this irritation can go from the throat to the bronchial tubes, there is a sensation of "itching" or tingling in the airway that causes the cough reflex trying to get rid of something that is not really present, most of the time it is due to non-infectious causes such as exposure to tobacco smoke, reflux, asthma, or after an infection (postinfectious cough) where the pharynx has been damaged, its duration is variable, it depends of the cause can last for months.

3.- Seal or dog cough: This type of cough occurs when air is expelled abruptly and passes through the inflamed larynx and trachea (laryngotracheitis), sometimes hoarseness or hoarseness can be heard due to the inflammation of the vocal cords that are in the larynx, your breathing becomes it becomes noisy and can make a high-pitched sound at the throat level during inspiration known as stridor, caused by viral infections.

3.- Cough with wheezing: It is generated by an inflammation of the bronchi, which reduces their light or diameter and a hiss occurs when the air passes through them, it is seen in diseases such as asthma and bronchiolitis, the bronchi become inflamed in the case of asthma due to an allergen and in bronchiolitis due to a virus, there is a dry cough that predominates at night, this cough usually occurs in attacks or fits that can make them vomit, if you pay attention you can hear the characteristic hissing or wheezing in the chest when breathing, This cough may be accompanied by a feeling of tightness or pain in the chest.

5.- Whooping cough, whooping cough or whooping cough: caused by a bacterium (Bordetella pertussis), the onset of the picture may be similar to that of a cold that progresses to a dry cough after 1 to 2 weeks, there are fits or coughing attacks that can last more than 1 minute, once The coughing attack starts the child cannot stop coughing making it difficult for air to enter his lungs, his face turns red and if the coughing attack continues his lips may turn cyanotic or purple and faint from lack of air, when After the coughing attack the child can finally take inspiration, a hissing sound will be heard, the coughing attacks acquire a certain periodicity during the day.

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