The promises of Cascabel. Modern fable for children

The promises of Cascabel. Modern fable for children

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Friendship is something that children must learn to care for. Be a good friend It is not easy, fostering empathy from a young age can help children better understand their bugs and errors with your friends.

The promises of Cascabel is a modern fable for kids Through which we can show the child why he should always keep his promises.

The squirrel Rattlesnake was going on a trip to the Valley of the Cherry Blossoms. At the farewell to their best friends: Boli and Balín, the three squirrels were crying with emotion.

- When are you coming back? - Boli asked, between sobs.

- In a couple of months.

- Oh, that's a long time! - Balín exclaimed - You're going to forget about us!

- Of course not, you are my friends! - Replied Cascabel - I promise to call you when I arrive, so I'll tell you how the road has been and what the valley is like.

- Good idea! Bolo and Balín said at the same time.

- Besides, I'm going to write you many postcards!

- Wow, we love receiving correo!

- And I'll bring you a huge basket of cherries and two jars of Orange jelly when I come back.

- Thank you very much, friend Cascabel! Goodbye, until the return!

The days passed and Boli and Balín were surprised that their friend had not called, nor that any of the postcards arrived.

Every morning, they asked Púa's father, who was the postman hedgehog of the forest, if there was news. She could only tell them that her friend had made it to the Valley safely, but nothing more.

After two months, Cascabel returned to the forest.

Boli and Balín were eager to see the traveler, but when Cascabel appeared without the basket of cherries or the jars of orange marmalade, they were very disappointed.

- What's wrong, girls? You have angry?

The squirrels told him: “By not keeping what was promised, we felt that you lied to us

Rattlesnake thought they were right. She said she would do a lot of things, but then she was so much fun in the valley with her cousins ​​that she had completely forgotten about it.

- I'm sorry friends, I made a mistake.forgive me?

Boli and Balín did not think twice and immediately went to play with Cascabel and celebrate his return.

Moral: "Before promising too much, think if you are going to do it."

Find out if your child has understood the fable through these simple reading comprehension questions.

- What did Cascabel promise her friends that she would do?

- Why didn't he?

- Cascabel no longer loved his friends?

- Did her friends have reasons to be angry? Why?

- Do you think that Cascabel was right in promising all those things and not doing them?

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