Being a mother ages cells up to 11 years

Being a mother ages cells up to 11 years

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Horror! It was not enough to endure the massive hormonal changes of pregnancy, those that made my foot grow one size, in addition to the tremendous effort of giving birth a 3-kilo human being, and sleepless nights breastfeeding, but now, it turns out that a study finds that the cells of women with children age up to 11 more years.

I'm not saying it, although it was obvious from the force of gravity, it took a fancy to my gut more than any other organ, but it is a study conducted among 2,000 women in the United States.

Now that it seemed that all the effort of being a mother was over, at least until my daughters were 13 years old and adolescence took over, it turns out that a study shows us something that all mothers notice in our bodies: Being a mother gets old. Of course I assumed it was something more psychological than physical.

The study, carried out by George Mason University in the USA, was carried out among almost 2,000 women between 20 and 44 years old, and what was the surprise of Dr. Pollack and her team when they saw the result: telometers of the mothers' DNA were shorter.

And what does this mean? Telometers are the ends of the chromosomes, which help protect DNA from the passage of time. The longer, the younger and healthier we will remain. In this case, it was found that the mothers' telometers were specifically an average of 4.2% shorter than those of the other women (and certainly also fatter ...), and that the percentage also increased the more children were They had.

This means that mothers have an acceleration of cellular aging of up to 11 years, twice that of smoking and a little more than that of smoking. obesity.

And, if the bad news were not limited only to the most aesthetic part of the matter, in addition, short telometers are associated with diseases such as cancer, problems with heart and the cognitive decline.

However, we are left with the hope that this study should not be taken too seriously until new research has been done, as there are also studies that show that aging was limited "only" to 4.5 years of premature aging. , and even, who they proved the opposite in an investigation that was carried out in a rural area of ​​Guatemala.

The reasons scientists of this curious fact, although they believe that it may be related to the stress to which we submit our body during motherhood.

The truth is that women continue to beat men in that of Life expectancyWhether we are mothers or not, another thing is the quality of life, in that, I am sure that we lose from far away.

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