Grandma is not a babysitter

Grandma is not a babysitter

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Times have changed a lot in society and, in a particular way, in the family. Ideally, both the father and the mother take care of their child for at least part of the day. But, the intense pace of work does not allow that to happen.

Children need the parental attention so that they feel more sheltered and thus happier with themselves. But what happens is that many parents are absent from their homes almost all day, and in these cases the assistance of grandparents is more than advisable.

What Happens When Grandmothers Become nannies for the grandchildren?

There are many reasons why parents prefer to leave their child with the grandmother or grandfather:

- They prefer to leave the child under their attentions than babysitting or daycare

- Another reason is the economical. It is much cheaper for them if they leave their child with their grandmother. Your wages may not be able to pay the price of a daycare or babysitter.

- Besides, with the grandmother they do not exist time limits. They don't have to rush out of work to pick up the child from nursery school.

Nevertheless, what many parents fail to see is that, in the end, they are making the grandparents of 'kangaroos', of mere caregivers. Some grandparents don't care. But others, who lead a more social life, are already tired of being the substitutes for their parents, although some hold it quietly with the fear that 'if they don't take care of the grandchildren, then they won't be seen', and they prefer to look good with everyone.

By leaving your children with their grandmother for most of the day, they can sometimes arouse feelings of jealousy towards her. Obviously, by the time they are together, children build greater trust in their grandparents, and some parents end up feeling guilty and away from their children.

Those fears are understandable. What escapes from the normal is when there is a 'competition' between grandparents and parents. Normally it all starts with demands from parents who are overly concerned about whether the children ate well, whether they napped, missed them, and the like.

Between parents and grandparents a dialogue and understanding is necessary so that grandparents are not just caregivers or babysitters for their grandchildren and parents receive the support and help they so badly need. Above all, for the sake of the grandchildren who are truly important.

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