The magic beans. Children's Stories

The magic beans. Children's Stories

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The tale of 'The Magic Beans' is a very popular and well-known tale by Hans Christian Andersen, which transmits to children essential values ​​such as humility, effort and kindness.

This story also makes children reflect on the use of ingenuity for problem solving. Read with your child the story of Periquín, a very brave boy who challenged a giant for the love of his mother.

Periquín lived with his mother in a small cabin in the woods. After his mother was widowed, the family's situation got so bad that the mother asked Periquín to go to the city to try to sell the only thing they owned, a cow. The boy led the cow tied with a rope, and on the way he met a man carrying a bag of beans.

The man explained to Periquín that those beans were magical, and offered them in exchange for the cow. Periquín accepted the change and He returned home very happy with the bag of beans. His mother, upset, began to cry. Disgruntled, she picked up the beans and threw them to the ground.

The next day, when Periquín got up, his surprise was great when he opened the window noticed that the beans had grown so much so that its branches were lost to the sky. Without thinking twice, Periquín climbed up the plant, and climbed as high as he could, above the clouds, where he found an unknown country.

He entered a castle and he saw an evil giant who had a hen that laid golden eggs every time it was ordered. Periquín thought that with that hen he and his mother could have money to buy food. Then, He waited for the giant to fall asleep, and very slowly, he took the hen. He reached the branches of the beans and, reaching down, touched the ground and returned to the cabin. His mother was very happy. With the eggs that the hen laid, the two lived in peace for a long time until the hen died.

Parakeet climbed the plant again and returned to the castle. Hidden behind a curtain, he was able to watch the giant count the gold coins he took out of a bag. As soon as the giant fell asleep, Periquín went out to collect the gold coins, and he ran to the plant, and then to his house.

With the gold coins, they had money to live a long time. However, the coins also ran out, and Periquín climbed the branches of the plant again to go to the giant's castle. This time he saw the ogre save in a drawer a box that, each time the lid was lifted, dropped a gold coin.

As soon as the giant left the room, the boy took the box and put it away. From his hiding place, Periquín saw that the giant lay down on a sofa, while a harp played alone without any hand touching its strings. Beautiful music was playing. While the giant listened to that melody, he fell into sleep, little by little. Periquín took the opportunity to pick up the harp and run. But the harp was delighted. When taken by Periquín, she began to shout:

- Hey, mister master, wake up you, they rob me!

The giant woke up with a start and began to chase Periquín who was speeding up and down. Upon reaching the plant, the boy saw that the giant was also descending on it. There was no time to lose. So while the plant was going down, Periquín shouted to his mother, urgently to bring him an ax.

His mother came with the ax and Periquín, with an accurate blow, cut the trunk of the tragic bean. As he fell, the giant crashed, thus paying for his misdeeds. Periquín and his mother lived happily with the box that, when opened, dropped a gold coin.


A tale by Hans Christian Andersen

Discover if your child understood the meaning of this story and reflect with him on some essential values. Try to help yourself with these questions:

- What did Periquín have to sell to get money to eat?

- What did the old man give Periquín in exchange for the cow?

- What happened the next day with the beans?

- What was at the top of the plant?

- What did the castle giant have?

- What did Periquín do to get the goose that lays the golden eggs?

- What else did Periquín get?

- How did you get rid of the giant?

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