Tips for getting pregnant with a boy or boy

Tips for getting pregnant with a boy or boy

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The choice of the sex of the baby is still a matter of chance. Although there are laboratory techniques so that the choice of the baby's sex is completely reliable, these genetic selection analyzes can only be carried out when there are medical reasons that justify the choice of sex.

This occurs when there are antecedents in the family of some diseases that are only transmitted genetically through sex, since they affect only men or women. Between the tips for getting pregnant with a boy or a man, the Shettles method points out taking into account the day of ovulation to schedule sexual intercourse.

The Shettles method is a system of selecting the sex of the baby that offers the expected results in 75 percent of the cases, as long as the exact day of ovulation is correct and there are no other factors that may alter the result. This method is based on the programming of sexual relations, according to the woman's cycle to have a better chance of having a boy.

According to this method, to get pregnant with a boy it is advisable have sex as close to each other as possibleovulation, that is, the same day or 24 hours before. The question for many women is knowing when ovulation occurs to conceive a child at the right time.

You can find out in several ways:

- Taking your body temperature every day to calculate the time of ovulation.

- Using an ovulation prediction kit.

- Using the ovulation calculator.

However, other factors such as the temperature of the testicles and the pH of the woman's vaginal discharge also influence the choice of the baby's sex, to be male or boy. Regarding temperature, Y or male sperm are more sensitive to heat than X or female sperm, and may not survive high temperatures.

If you want to have a boy, your partner should not wear tight clothing, or spend too many hours sitting to avoid overheating of the scrotum that can destroy or injure male sperm.

Another determining factor in choosing the sex of the baby is vaginal discharge, a liquid that serves as a vehicle for sperm to travel through the vagina in search of the egg to fertilize it. Y sperm survive better in a pH that is not more acidic than normal, because they are smaller, weaker and more delicate, although much faster than X.

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