Why do we forget things in pregnancy. The mummy

Why do we forget things in pregnancy. The mummy

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Have you experienced unimportant forgetfulness since you are pregnant? You don't know where you've put your mobile, and you can't find your pajamas anywhere, you've put the milk in the washing machine and the dirty clothes in the fridge, and sometimes you can't remember your cat's name.

Pregnancy provides side effects We didn't count on: duck gait, displacement of the center of gravity, cravings and insomnia, and as if that weren't enough, also memory loss.

We tell you why we forget things in pregnancy.

They are unimportant but quite annoying oversights. It may seem that you are going crazy, but nothing is further from reality, it is a gestational amnesia, so common that it even has its own name: mummy (the amnesia of mothers)

It affects more than half of pregnant women, especially first-time mothers, and begins in the second trimester of pregnancy, around week 26. Be patient because we anticipate that it does not happen after delivery, but can last until the baby's first year of life.

There is no single reason for this to happen, but many.

1- The main culprit is hormonal change. The large amount of hormones that are secreted during pregnancy make your brain remain in a kind of sleeplessness, a mist that prevents a perfect spatial memory.

2- A set of neurons, called amygdala, also helps in this task of confusion, since it is responsible for managing the physiological reflexes to emotional stimuli and to fix the memory, and now she is much more occupied in other more primordial tasks such as raising the new baby.

3- And, if all this physical change were not enough, we add to the shaker the lack of sleep, and the stress that produces the pregnancy and the birth of the new member of the family.

What can we do in this chaotic situation?

No need to worry, it's something transientSo it's best to take it with humor and laugh at the funny situations that are created. Not every day you find orange juice in the bathroom!

After the return to normality of the hormones In your body, you will also recover your memory (the same as before, no more, no less). But if you are really worried you can do little things that they will help you to be more relaxed.

1- Sleep more, even if they are short naps of five minutes.

2- Eat healthy and with vitamins, to help your brain not to be tired.

3- Try to find relaxing activities such as a bath, a walk in the countryside, or yoga.

4- Ask for help from your partner, friends or family. Delegation is important for good mental health.

5- Stick post it everywhere or have one diary.

And, remember that everything will be back to normal in a few months, so smile.

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