5 very funny jokes of Jaimito for children

5 very funny jokes of Jaimito for children

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Jokes are great tools to develop children's sense of humor. There are few things healthier and more beneficial for a child than laughter. One way to get them to laugh is jokes.

Children love Jaimito's jokes, because they are very short jokes based most of the time on everyday situations that happen to a child. Do not miss these 5 very funny jokes of Jaimito for children.

We love hearing the laughter of children. It is fantastic to see how a sense of humor is also developed in them, an ability that will allow them to use positive thinking that is much more beneficial for everything. Here you have five fantastic jokes, very funny, from Jaimito, so you can tell your child:

1. 'Jaimito was looking at the belly of his pregnant mother and in this he asks his mother:

- Mom, what is it you have in your belly?

And her mother answers:

- Well, I have a baby that your father gave me.

The boy looks at her with a scared face and runs to where his father is and says:

- Dad dad!! Don't give more babies to mom because she eats them !!

2. As you already know, Jaimito is quite a naughty boy, so his mother, who has to take him to a party, tells him:

- Jaimito, if you want to go to the bathroom tell me you're going to America, okay?

"Okay, mommy, I'll tell you that," says Jaimito.

In this, they are both at the party and after a little while, Jaimito says to his mother:

- Mommy, I'm going to America!

The mother understands what her son has said, but the lady who was next to her does not, so she asks Jaimito:

- And what will you do alone there?

- Well, ma'am, I'm going to see Chi-cago.

3. One day, Jaimito asks his father:

- Dad, would you scold a child who has done nothing?

- Of course not, son!

- Ugh, thank goodness! Because I haven't done my homework!

4. Jaimito was in class, and the teacher asks him:

- Let's see, Jaimito, do you know what A is?

- A vowel, miss.

- Very good, Jaimito, and the K?

- A consonant that cannot be repeated, miss.

5. Jaimito again in class. The teacher begins to ask several classmates.

- Let's see, Juanito, tell me a word that has several oes ...

- Sweet!

- Very good, Juanito. Now you, Pedrito.

- Horrifying!

- Great, Pedrito. Now you, Jaimito ...

- Gooooooooal

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