Sayings and rhymes about mothers

Sayings and rhymes about mothers

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In We offer you a series of sayings and lines about mothers. They are phrases that contain a thought or a reflection on how mothers are.

There are funny, curious or original sayings about mothers that convey popular wisdom to us. With these sayings about moms we want to celebrate Mother's Day.

We have selected a series of well-known sayings about mothers, they are phrases that represent the popular feeling about moms so that children can learn them.

1. A mother who does not raise, is not a mother, but an aunt
Only one who truly educates and raises children can be called a mother.

2. House without mother, river without channel
Mothers are a basic pillar of the family.

3. Mother's love, not even the snow makes you cold
A mother's love for her children is powerful and unconditional.

4. As is the mother, so is the daughter
Children tend to resemble their mothers, not only physically, but also in the way they are.

5. Mother there is only one
It is a reference for children.

6. The mother and the apron cover a lot of bad
Mothers hide the mistakes of their children.

7. Big love, mother's love
The love of a mother is the greatest there is.

8. The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that governs the world
It is the mother who commands and organizes, her work is irreplaceable.

9. Kiss that is given to the child, the mother receives it with affection
The mother wants her children to be treated with love and respect.

10. Good mother does not say: will you? if not take
The generosity of a mother towards her children is without equal.

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