Funny and original kisses between parents and children

Funny and original kisses between parents and children

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Kisses are one of the expressions of affection and affection that children like the most. The RAE defines kissing as "Touching or pressing with a movement of the lips, at the impulse of love or desire or as a sign of friendship or reverence." However, there are different and fun ways to kiss babies or children. At the end of the day, the kiss is still a natural and universal gesture, beneficial for everyone.

Kisses promote the emotional bond between parents and children, have a relaxing and calming effect, and invite children to express their feelings. Also, the kiss heals. Thinking about it, has selected some fun kisses for both children and their parents to enjoy giving each other lots of kisses.

A butterfly kiss It does best when both mom and dad, dad and son, or mom and son are relaxed. First, a hug, and when you are close, bring one face to the other until one eye touches the other's cheek. At this time, blink gently to move the lashes, as if it were a flutter. Blink and let the blinking accelerate. The one who is kissed will feel as if a butterfly has landed on his cheek. How about trying this loving and tender kiss?

The Eskimo kiss or Inuit is not given with the lips, and do you know why? This kiss, which in the Eskimo language is called "Kunit" consists of pressing or rubbing the nose and upper lip with the nose and face of the other person while taking inspiration. And why do Eskimos kiss like this? The cold is one of the reasons. In low temperatures, few parts of the body are exposed. The nose is one of them. Therefore, they can only be kissed with the nose.

This is a kiss that occurs from a distance. He kisses on the hand and then sends the kiss by gently blowing the palm of the hand in the direction where the other person is. Blown kisses.

This is a kiss of reverence, of respect for the other. This is the kiss that parents give to the hands of their children, so that they feel like princes or princesses.

This is a very peculiar kiss. It is about supporting the lips of one against the other and putting them in the shape of an elephant's trunk. With this kiss, children learn to kiss.

This type of kiss is what parents give their children when they can no longer. It occurs at the same time on both cheeks of the baby or child. The father kisses on one side and the mother on the other, making a real sandwich for his son.

It is the most common kiss. This kiss conveys support, affection and complicity. It is a tender kiss, a kiss that embraces and envelops. You just have to bring your lips to the other person's cheek and kiss him.

Do you dare to teach your children to give these kisses? invites us to give each other a lot of kisses.

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