The shocking letter from a teacher to the parents of rude students

The shocking letter from a teacher to the parents of rude students

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Julie Marburgues couldn't take it anymore and exploded. After two years of dedication and dedication to teaching, he saw that he was unable to control some of his most rebellious and rude students. So he decided to write a letter, sincere and emphatic, disconcerting, overwhelming. Real. A letter addressed to parents, those same parents who ask for respect and kindness with their children. That overprotect them without being aware of the mistake they make.

Do not miss the excerpt from a shocking letter from a teacher to the parents of rude students...

Broken shelves, tablets on the floor, papers thrown on the floor, smashed books ... even gum stuck to the window frames. Julie's class ends each day like a battlefield. The saddest thing is that much of what is in the classroom was contributed by her, with all her affection, to do her students a favor. And they answer them like this: with ingratitude and contempt.

Julie (United States) has been with the same students for two years. Day after day he tries to provide them, in addition to the classic knowledge required by each subject, with certain educational standards. Nevertheless, some of his students seem to disobey and rebel against each of the rules he establishes in class.

Every day Julie sadly watches how she fails, despite her best efforts. And he has tried everything: educate children in values, give them responsibilities, boost their self-esteem. So what is wrong? Every time Julie has to talk to the parents of these children, or sends them emails, she receives the same response:

- 'You are to blame for not knowing how to carry the children. They are just children and you are the adult. It's your problem'.

The school administration also protects parents and students, so desperately Julie wrote the most shocking and sincere letter of her life on her Facebook wall, a letter addressed to the parents of all these students, with photographs that portray the nightmare they have to experience every day.

This personal letter has served in turn to denounce the problem that thousands and thousands of teachers suffer daily today all over the world. Hundreds of teachers have shown solidarity with her and have responded to her message with support. Julie assures that there are many teachers who, like her, are thinking of leaving teaching, because despite being a vocation, when they suddenly find this sad reality, they realize that it is not the ideal they expected. In her letter, Julie says things like this:

- 'People have to stop pampering and allow their children. It's a problem that is going to spread through our society like wildfire. '

Children who do not respect the rules in the classroom are those whose parents let them do whatever they want, overprotected children for whom the word freedom is confused with 'free will', or 'chaos', depending on how you look at it. Children who have grown up without rules or limits, and in many cases, without references to follow.

But Julie also talks about the main problems of the current educational system:

- 'First, the education system, as we know it, needs a reform. It is broken and unsuitable for our children. Second, we have to hold our children to a higher level of accountability across the board. Inflating your success does not increase self-esteem. If it were, we wouldn't have the highest teen suicide rates in history right now. And thirdly, we as a society have to go back to treating each other with manners and respect. Nobody wins when goodness dies. '

In short: Julie denounces an absence of values ​​in the education of children, and of a series of rules and limits at home. If children grow up in freedom and no one tells them which way to go, the most normal thing is that they end up getting lost. So, when they reach adolescence, they will not be able to find any reference to guide them. and they will feel absolutely disoriented and empty. Isn't that a serious enough problem?

Without a doubt, the root of this problem is in the home. Children are educated at home, and if at home there are no limits or norms or a scale of values, they will not be able to relate to others in any other area.

There are thousands of theories about the education of children, but among all of them, we are left with the base, the values ​​and the limits. Never forget this if you don't want your children to be the sad protagonists of letters like Julie's:

- Educate your child in values. Values ​​such as respect, empathy and tolerance are essential for our children to learn to live with others. Other values ​​such as effort and perseverance will help them on a personal level to achieve success.

- Teach your child social norms. We often don't give them the importance they deserve. Say hello, thank you, say goodbye, give a seat to an older person on the bus ... Why are all these manners being lost? In this way the only thing that is achieved is lack of respect and tension.

- Establish a series of rules at home. A child without limits can never be happy. Can you imagine yourself in the middle of a desert with no one to show you which way to go? This is how children feel without rules. Children need someone to tell them where to walk. It is not about forcing them to follow a path, but rather telling them which path they should go, at their own pace, with their falls and stumbles.

- Make the limits very clear. A child without limits will surely become an adult with behavior problems. Normal. If since childhood you get used to getting everything you want instantly, you will not know what frustration is either. When you encounter problems in the future, you will not be able to cope, and your only escape from frustration will be anger or violence. Or perhaps you decide to withdraw into yourself and do not want to participate in society.

- Teach your child kindness. Many parents want their children to be happy ... and good. The teacher herself uses this to end her writing: 'Nobody wins when goodness dies'. And in the end, the world survives thanks to goodness. And goodness is taught, through values, through example and through small gestures and details in our day to day.

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