The relationship between the Capricorn mother and the Pisces child

The relationship between the Capricorn mother and the Pisces child

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The Capricorn mother is a demanding mother with clear goals, while the fickle nature of Pisces, a water sign, makes him shy and more given to daydreams.

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The Capricorn mother is a tough mother, who is demands herself, and also her children.

He likes to create comfortable and safe homes to raise his children and where they can keep them grouped. She is tender and motherly, but sometimes her tough character makes her distant.

Although its nature tends to reasoning More than her heart, she is a stubborn mother, who is difficult to get out of her routines and who does not like to improvise.

The key to his life focuses on control and strong structures with clear objectives.

For them there are no obstacles, which they are able to deal with tenaciously and slowly.

They are respectful and ask the same of all those around them.

The Pisces child is excessively reserved and intuitive. He is not at all materialistic, nor ambitious, although sometimes that lack of ambition can make him fail in his objectives.

He does not usually set high goals, but prefers to drift and improvise according to the moment.

He hates feeling stuck on a road and prefers move free like fish in the water. He does not understand routines, nor is he very willing to fight, he prefers the easy way and without worries.

They tend to have an excessive fear of failure, and that makes you abandon your goal prematurely, if you had set one.

Is tremendously sensitive and he needs constant affection to feel safe.

In general, despite their great differences, the relationship between the Capricorn mother and the Pisces child is good and complementary.

The mother's practicality It will help stabilize your child, who can easily lose his way.

They are easy children to raise, although too impressionable, so the Capricorn mother will have to soften her dose of reality so as not to hurt her son's sensitivity.

You must avoid strong emotions and great impressions from him at all times, and let him give off his imagination as far as possible.

Pisces children sin from lazy, and that provokes Capricorn mothers who like order and work, who try to get their large doses of patience and understanding with their children.

Capricorn mothers should let their Pisces children develop their love for the music, poetry and nature, something that they will appreciate because this is something that the two signs have in common.

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