Vera and the problem of sleeping. Children's bedtime story

Vera and the problem of sleeping. Children's bedtime story

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Many children are afraid of sleeping alone in their room. Separation from parents to be able to sleep in their own bed is a difficult effort for them to overcome and that is why they delay bedtime as much as possible.

Some are afraid, and others just cry because they want to go back to their parents' bed. Vera and the sleeping problem is a children's story to help children get into bed and sleep without problems.

Vera never wanted to go to sleep.

I would jump on the bed and throw the pillow on the floor. While her mother was reading her a story, she screamed and did not listen. After looking under the bed to verify that there was no monsters her mother tried to calm her down by singing old lullabies. But nothing worked.

Vera did not want to close her eyes. After more than two hours, angry and finally exhausted after having finished crying, Vera surrendered to sleep.

Every night was the same. And in the morning Vera felt tired at school for not having enough rest. He barely had the strength to play and as he used to be Bad mood he didn't have many little friends.

His mom was worried. He did not know how he could help his little daughter. He had consulted many books and many friends to find a solution. And after putting the advice given into practice, Vera still did not want to go to bed at night.

It was then that Vera's mother decided ask the fairy for help his childhood. Like when she was little, she leaned out of the window and, looking at the brightest star in the sky, she wished with all her might that her fairy would appear. Flapping its colorful wings, the fairy introduced herself and explained that the problem was that Vera did not want to sleep alone in her room, that she missed her mother and father in bed very much.

Vera's mother then decided to make her the most beautiful nightgown in the world out of fabric scraps from a father's shirt and a mother's dress. When Vera put it on to go to bed she could smell Mom and Dad close to her.

That night, Vera she slept peacefully because she knew that her family would always be with her and she would never leave her alone. The next day, at last, little Vera woke up happy and rested.

If you want to know if your child has a good reading comprehension and has understood Vera's story and the problem of sleeping, you just have to do these simple questions.

Reading comprehension is an important step to be taken by the child to be able to approach reading.

- Why do you think Vera didn't want to sleep?

- What did you do not to go to bed?

- What happened the next day for not sleeping?

- What did the mother do to fix the problem?

- Are you afraid to go to bed alone? why?

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