Why you should hug your child more often

Why you should hug your child more often

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'Every time we hug someone with pleasure, we gain a day of life' (Paulo Coelho). Do you know why hugs are so important to your child? Because hugs do not understand languages, in fact, they belong to the same universal language, so they offer a unique form of non-verbal communication, which everyone can understand equally.

We explain why hugs are so important to your child and why you should hug your child more often. Discover here the amount of benefits they bring you.

We rarely stop to think in the amount of benefits that a hug has for children. A hug is the silent way of saying 'I love you'. In addition, hugs bring all these advantages to your child:

- The hugs calm, they help, calm down, bring peace and tranquility to both parents and their children. Children need to be in the arms of their parents to know that peace and tranquility.

- Hugs increase self-esteem of who receives it. It is like an injection of energy and love. They make the child who receives it gain confidence in himself,

- The hugs help strengthen ties, establish powerful relationships through invisible bonds of trust and affection.

- The hugs provide protection, security, to whom receives it.

Nobody teaches us to hug, but we know how to do it. It is an instinctive, emotional gesture. The hugs must be heartfelt, sincere. Furthermore, experts point out that hugs should be slow, senses, and should last between three and four seconds, since in the embrace we must transmit our emotion and our energy.

Hugging is caressing the soul of the other person. So if you want to say to your child 'I love you' without words, you can do it with a hug.

Hugs are necessary. In fact, if a person does not receive hugs, they will surely demand them instinctively through signals.

But the hug is often delivered along with other gestures of affection. Along with hugs, you can use:

- Applause. the applause implies a recognition that excites and stimulates the recipient.

- Smile. The smile is joy, happiness, and one of the most powerful tools for people.

- Lkisses. The physical contact par excellence that denotes love between people.

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