Kid stories. It's cold

Kid stories. It's cold

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We offer you a children's story for children that talks about the value of solidarity. A nice way to teach values ​​to children is through stories and their messages.

This time We suggest you read this story with your children: 'It's cold', an ideal way to talk with your child about the meaning and importance of the value of solidarity.

Winter is an old man who has a white beard, full of frost that hangs to the ground. Wherever he walks, he leaves a trail of ice that covers everything.

Sometimes it brings colder than usual, like when this story happened: It was so long, but so cold, that the trees looked like Christmas trees decorated with cotton. The Squirrels lived in one of those trees with their five little children.

Mom and Dad had gathered lots of soft twigs, feathers, and leaves to make a warm nest for their babies, who would be born in winter.

What's more, they had saved so much food that they could spend the cold season the way they liked it: sleeping cuddled until spring arrived.

One day, the snow fell in soft flakes that looked like little white butterflies dancing as they piled up on the tree branches and on the ground, and the whole forest looked like a great ice cream cone in the middle of silence and peace . Brrrmmm!

And then a horrible noise woke up the hibernators: An immense machine advanced destroying the plants, overturning the trees and leaving homeless and without shelter the little animals that woke up terrified and ran to any side, trying to save their children!

Squirrel Dad opened the door of his nest and saw the terror of his neighbors. She didn't want her little children to be scared, so she closed the door again and began to snore.

Their snoring was louder than the thunder of the machine and their babies did not wake up. Mother Squirrel asked, worried:

-What's going on outside?

"Don't worry and keep sleeping, our tree is the biggest and strongest in the forest and nothing will happen to us," he answered.

But Mother Squirrel couldn't stay calm knowing her neighbors were having difficulties. He insisted:

- We must help our friends: we have space and food to share with those who need it most. Why are we going to save so much, while they lose their families for having nothing?

Squirrel Dad stopped snoring; He looked at his little children sleeping warm and Mother Squirrel. She stood on her bed of sheets and gave sweet Mother Squirrel a big kiss on the nose and ran to help her neighbors!

In a little while, the huge oak tree in the forest was full of little animals that took refuge in it happily. Everyone's heat made the snow accumulated on the branches melt and fill with flowers. It seemed that spring had arrived in the middle of winter!

The little birds sang happily: now they had a place to keep their chicks, protected from the snow and cold. Thus, thanks to the help of the Ardilla all the families of their neighbors were saved and they lived happily.

They all slept in tight arms until spring came in earnest, the air was warm, and there was plenty of food and water.


Tale of Teresa del Valle Drube, Argentina.

You can take advantage of this fantastic story to reflect with your child on the value of solidarity. You can help yourself with these questions:

- Where did the squirrels live?

- What happened that winter?

- What did the squirrels decide to do to help the other animals?

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