The clueless mouse. Nursery rhymes

The clueless mouse. Nursery rhymes

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Poetry is perfect to educate some behaviors of younger children. Poems are a good resource for children to keep their attention. You can also use them to enhance their memory and attention. Poetry does not understand age. If the poems are adapted for children, they will have a rich and simple text with which to practice vocabulary and play with metaphors and rhymes.

This short and rhyming poetry talks about a little mouse who, because he is clueless, ended up losing his mother. Find out what happened to the little mouse.

Step by step

the little mouse was going,

behind mama rat,

looking for his cheese.

Step by step

a little bug saw,

and without realizing it

of his mother was lost.

Where is my mother?

cried with pain,

where is my mother?

and terror entered him.

Mama rat right away

at fault he missed,

and very distressed

on his steps he returned.

Found the little mouse


in a little corner

with great grief.

What did I tell you?

what a fright you've given me!

of my tail always

you always hooked.

Forgive me mommy

I will not do it again,

with that little bug

I got lost.

And very strong to the tail

he has clung to his mother,

to look for that cheese,

that long-awaited cheese.

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