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To our teachers

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I was lucky to have some teachers who knew how to bring out the best in me, who made me strive to learn, aroused my curiosity, and made their classes enjoyable and fun, but I admit there were very few. The usual thing is that I got really bored in class and on many occasions I went to class with a stomach ache.

I collaborate in several educational blogs for children and it is increasingly common to meet committed teachers who manage to do their best for their students, that make their classes entertaining and that children learn by playing, and I think that is where the key lies.

1. Learn by playing: Many children of our time are fortunate to learn naturally, interest and motivation are maintained through games and they absorb the world through tons of fun activities and that will always remain in their memory but without having to memorize. Although that does not mean that it can also be fun to play to memorize tongue twisters or a nursery rhyme.

2. Practical teaching: What better way to show the parts of a flower than going out into a garden? In a school in Seville (Spain), they set up the entire Andalusian autonomous community in the courtyard, with all the characteristics of each city; location, monuments, food. In another school in Villena (Alicante) they were talking about the Universe when an alien came through the loudspeakers and told them how happy he felt to know our planet. Other children dug up bones looking for dinosaur remains. How not to learn like this? What I would have given to have this education, since the most fun I did outside the classroom, and when I grew up, was going out to see the Prado Museum.

3. Parents and teachers: I am very clear that cooperation between parents and schools is essential and necessary for the education of children, and thanks to this, many activities go ahead because they could not be otherwise. Because as an African proverb says: 'To educate a child you need the entire tribe'.

4. Support for teachers: Also make it clear that we should never take authority away from a teacher in front of our children.

It should never be understood with the above that children must be given things 'chewed' and that they should not have limitations, nothing is further from my way of thinking, but I think that the restlessness, imagination and childish curiosity should fly without no one cut their wings. And as Louis Proust said 'Do not spare your children the difficulties of life, rather teach them to overcome them'.

Children learn and show more love for a teacher who is fun and enthusiastic with them, because that is transmitted (even if they put limits on them). Congratulations to all the teachers who enjoy your profession.

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