Recycling crafts for kids

Recycling crafts for kids

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Recycling is one of the most important values ​​that we can teach our children. Caring for the planet is everyone's responsibility, but above all so that they, in the future, can continue to contribute to this work.

That is why we must educate them from a young age, either at home or at school, and one of the simplest and most entertaining ways to do it is with these crafts for children with recycled materials, perfect for World Recycling Day or any occasion.

Crafts with recycled materials offer many advantages for children, not only in the field of education. Not only can you make ornaments with recycled materials, but also magazine racks, boxes and jewelry boxes that serve to teach your children to keep their room tidy.

Another of the uses of children's crafts are costumes, the 'little ones' of the house love to become different characters and with a simple box they can let their imagination fly.

Ecological toys are a very interesting option to teach recycling to children: houses, princess castles or cars can be made with simple and recycled materials.

You can make these and other easy kid-friendly crafts with recycled materials. What is your favorite craft?

Crafts with paper rolls. Recycling crafts are great fun for children and teach them to reuse materials such as toilet paper rolls that would end up in the trash. We give you ideas of what cardboard creations to make and talk about the benefits of crafts.

Crafts for children with cardboard. On our site we show you how to transform a simple cardboard box into a castle, a costume or a truck. It's about making easy and inexpensive recycling crafts with kids.

Crafts with tweezers. We offer you a selection of Christmas crafts with clothespins. If you thought that the clothespins are only used for a task as mundane as hanging clothes, you are wrong, in GuiaInfantil we have found a new utility for you: making recycling Christmas crafts.

Crafts with plastic. Plastic bottles and cups are an ideal material to make recycling crafts with children and at the same time we teach them to care for and protect the environment. Recycling is one of the most important values ​​that we can teach our children.

Crafts with egg boxes. Egg boxes are an ideal material to make recycling crafts and to teach children that taking care of the planet is everyone's responsibility. our site proposes ideas of how to recycle the boxes of eggs that we have left to do crafts with children.

Crafts with ice cream sticks. Crafts can foster bonding between parents and children. Also, they are a good way to teach them the importance of recycling and reusing disposable materials.

Crafts with other materials. Original children's crafts made with different recycled materials, ideal for teaching children the importance of caring for and respecting the environment and nature. Stimulate creativity and have fun with your children by following these homemade craft proposals.

Crafts to make toys. Children can make their own toys with elements so accessible to all such as toilet paper rolls, egg boxes or ice cream sticks, shoe boxes ... our site teaches us to make homemade cars, trains, planes or dolls.