Botox, tattoos, weird names ... what do they do to children?

Botox, tattoos, weird names ... what do they do to children?

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I am convinced that there are parents who do not know their rights over their children. As I understand it, the Convention on the Rights of the Child says that no parent should perform work that endangers the health or dignity of children. So I wonder: what do parents who inject Botox or give their young children a tattoo do or think? How awful!

It is already the second or third time this year that I have been horrified by news of mothers injecting Botox into their young daughters with the purpose of turning them into a star or a symbol of perfection in beauty. This week a San Francisco mother is being investigated for injecting Botox into her eight-year-old daughter. The mother's obsession with beauty pageants led her to make this decision. She says she did it too because the girl complained of wrinkles.

In an American television program, the mother did not hide her practice. What's more, she was convinced that she did the best for her daughter, that other mothers also do it and that it is a safe procedure for the girl's health, despite the fact that the little girl assured that it hurts and cries when her mother injects him with botox. However, the saddest thing is when the girl says that she looks much prettier and that the only thing her mother does not allow her to do is to wax her legs because she could not bear the pain.

US social services are investigating the family. I wonder where they get the botox. The mother did not want to reveal his origin. This popular substance, known as botulinum toxin, very common in cosmetic surgery treatments, is indicated only for adults and only under medical indication in cases of malformations.

The organizers of the beauty pageants, so famous in the United States, defend themselves by saying that parents misrepresent the purpose of the pageant. And I think: what a face they have! On one side are those who "pull the hook" and on the other those who 'bite' it. A practice that has the sole intention, on both sides, of getting and earning money at the expense of the little ones.

I honestly do not know which is worse, if the damage or the mistreatment that the mother does to her daughter's body or the deterioration and wear and tear that is causing her self-esteem. The mission of a mother is to teach and motivate her daughter to love and accept herself as she is, right?

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