Summer diet for pregnant woman

Summer diet for pregnant woman

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For face the pregnant summer and in the best conditions it is essential that you make sure you drink enough fluids, as good hydration is essential for you and your baby. Fruit juices, fresh vegetable creams such as gazpacho and salmorejo, salads with a balanced combination of ingredients, and fresh and natural fruits will be your allies in the summer season to combat the rigors of heat.

During the summer, some symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea and vomiting, typical of the first months of pregnancy, together with a certain degree of loss of appetite caused by heat, can alter the normal appetite of the future mother.

Heat causes a loss of fluid, which predisposes to dehydration with all the consequences that this condition can trigger in pregnant women: low blood pressure, dizziness, fainting ... For these reasons, on hottest days, it is necessary to select foods that provide all the nutrients and hydration necessary to avoid these complications. If you are pregnant, following a balanced diet is essential.

  1. The fruits. They are refreshing and easy to consume. They can be eaten whole, in juices and ice cream, for breakfasts, desserts, and snacks. They ensure an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, vitamin A or beta-carotene, magnesium, and carbohydrates. Its high liquid content helps prevent the dreaded dehydration. It is preferable to consume them whole because they maintain their water content and all their nutritional potential; and with shell to preserve its richness in fiber.
  2. Vegetables. They are foods of low caloric density, and rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Like fruits, vegetables should be washed well, under running water, avoiding having them soak for a long time. To cook them, it is convenient to boil them with little water or steam them, only for the right time, so that they lose the least possible amount of nutrients.
  3. The milk products. They should not be missing from your table for their contribution in calcium, vitamin B2, D and proteins. Yogurt is a good resource to use in summer diets, because it is very appetizing when taken cold and is easier to digest. These characteristics make yogurt a very nutritious food and, at the same time, refreshing. When buying yogurts, you should choose the lowest in fat, which you can combine with pieces of fruit and / or cereals. Milk and fresh cheese also go very well with fruits.

Depending on the intensity of the heat and the more or less advanced stage of pregnancy, it is common for many women to have a lack of appetite. If it lasts for several days, you should consult your doctor, but if it is something temporary, you can follow some tips:

1. Distribute the food in 5 servings a day. This way, you will avoid feeling full quickly and the feeling of heaviness. It will help you to digest better. Eat more, but less.

2. Eat nutritious food. During pregnancy, it is important to maintain the balance between proteins, fats and carbohydrates so that your baby does not lack nutrients for its development. Each of these food groups should represent at least 30 percent of the total calories in your diet. So follow this maxim: 35 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent fat, and 30 percent protein.

3. Opt for unique dishes. Instead of eating the first and second courses separately, it is better to opt for the more complete unique dishes. Example: vegetables or salads with cheese; egg, tuna or chicken with rice, pasta, potatoes or legumes. You should always combine a protein food (meat, fish or eggs) with an energy food (farinaceous).

4. Try different and varied foods. With pregnancy, the sense of smell is transformed and culinary tastes change due to the action of hormones. Try other foods to stimulate your appetite.

5. Drink fluids outside of main meals. Consume at least two liters of water to avoid dehydration.

6. Eat in a pleasant atmosphere and if possible accompanied.

7. Get physical exercise before meals. Taking a walk before eating usually whets your appetite.

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