The centipede. Poem for children learning to add and subtract

The centipede. Poem for children learning to add and subtract

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When children start kindergarten they already begin an approach to numbers and letters. They learn to count, the amount that each number represents, and to add.

This funny poem. The centipede will help you to reinforce this learning since it is an original poem for children who learn to add and subtract.

If your child is learning to add and subtract, help make this learning fun for him by reading the poem about the centipede that he is learning to count.

A tiny worm

known for centipedes,

admiring their paws

he counts them with interest.

How soon went to school

can count to one hundred

and keep adding legs

One Two Three…

He counts them separately

each one on one side

and when you reach fifty

he has fallen scattered.

With the belly on the floor

and a little moody,

realizes with shame

that half has come.

Shrinking the paws

start the countdown,

without knowing that when you get up

is learning to subtract.

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