Child nutrition. Eating healthy is fun, childhood obesity is not

Child nutrition. Eating healthy is fun, childhood obesity is not

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What do you think is one of the great epidemics of the XXI century? Flu, AIDS, polio, and smallpox are some of the pandemics that affect children and adults dramatically in some parts of the world. However, there is an epidemic that is growing by the day, quietly but steadily. It's in our children's school, in our neighborhoods, in our family ... It's obesity! A problem that affects people of any condition and age but that is proving dramatic in childhood.

On May 28th, World Nutrition Day is celebrated. It is ironic to think how in half of the planet millions of children are malnourished and they have no food to put in their mouths while the other half childhood obesity grows disproportionately. We who have the option to eat healthy are lucky. Food can be very fun, complete, nutritious and healthy at the same time.

The question that arises is why are there more and more obese children?

The answer is easy:

- Bad eating habits.

- Little physical exercise.

The bad habits in the children's diet are sometimes driven by the parents, with little free time, turn to fast and precooked food. In addition, sometimes children who consume a lot of fat, snacks, sweets and snack between meals are not stopped. All this coupled with the fact of little physical activity for the benefit of a more sedentary life in front of the television or video games make an explosive cocktail and the result is: obese children.

- First it is important to know the consequences that it can bring to our children: bone problems, sleep disorders, hypertension, cholesterol, precocious puberty in girls, fatigue, depression, low self-esteem, discrimination and social isolation, are just some of the effects of obesity.

- Controlling the weight of our children is important to know if they are at their ideal weight, are overweight or underweight. Depending on the result, we can act accordingly.

- Make sure that our children do physical exercise.

- Educate them to eat better: not having time is no excuse for always eating fast food. There are many recipes that can be made in a short time and that are healthy and nutritious.

- Introduce in the diet of children more vegetables, vegetables and fruits.

- Setting an example for our children is essential. If they see us constantly with bags of snacks, eating industrial pastries or eating after hours, it will be difficult to teach them that they should not do it.

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