8 recommendations to face the end of the year for children

8 recommendations to face the end of the year for children

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Another year, comes the end of the course, and the final exams, assignments ... and with it, the worries, the pressures, the uncertainty, the excessive time in front of the books, the "everything at the last minute" and concern for the end result.

The end of the course, far from being a moment of relaxation and tranquility, is a time of maximum stress for children.

We tell you what are the main concerns of children and parents, and how to face the end of our children's course.

Children also suffer from stress, especially during these dates when the school year ends. There are many factors that influence stress of the kids:

- It's hotter.

- It is time to pressure the children with the issue of grades or grades.

- It is time for allergies.

- It's time to finish jobs.

- It is time for the performances of extracurricular activities.

- It is time for communions.

- It is time to decide which camps we are going to go to.

- It's time to shift change at school.

- And, as the saying goes, spring alters blood.

It is, therefore, a very high intensity peak, which occurs not only in studies, but also in schedule changes, routines, with moments of concentration and very high demands, in a period in which physically and mentally, we are probably on a downward curve. But curiously we do not do it like that, we have the inverted curve.

I propose 8 recommendations to face this end of the course:

The spikes o intensity curves they should be given towards the middle of the process never at the end. If we divide the course into 4 parts, it should be given in the 3rd and from there go down the level until the holidays.

The course is not a 400-meter race, with a high pace and that ends in a sprint, it is more like a 10,000-meter race where the important thing is to maintain a continuous pace to reach goal.

I propose 8 recommendations to face this end of the course. They are things that we do not usually do and would help your child cope better with this period.

  1. Do not press to the children with the notes.
  2. Have a good planning of activities.
  3. Maintain the same healthy habits, sleep pattern, eat well and stay hydrated.
  4. Keep the motivation.
  5. Put intensity and energy where it needs to be put, not in all things equally.
  6. Pay attention to your emotions, especially those that do not include emotions such as stress, frustration, or disappointment.
  7. Relativize things.
  8. Look for the thrill of the tranquillity.

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