How to introduce children to sports

How to introduce children to sports

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Playing sports has many benefits and it is advisable to do it at any age. Therefore, it is essential that children learn the habit of practicing it.

Thanks to this type of activity the child makes friends, stays in shape, acquires responsibilities, learns rules, can overcome shyness and develops social and motor intelligence. But, How can we introduce children to sports?

It must be clear that at each age the child's body has needs. The child's body changes as it develops and its physical characteristics change. It is for this crucial reason that the different stages that children go through are differentiated in order to determine what will need to be done in terms of sport. Be clear for example, what is the perfect time to start the child in sports.

There is no specific age at which children have to start playing a sport. It will depend on the ability of movement and coordination that the little one has. However, it will be advisable when children begin to walk without help to carry out play activities that involve movement and can develop their motor skills.

As children grow, their skills develop little by little. A) Yes:

  • 3 years. At approximately this age the child will be able to jump, throw and pick up objects, run and ride the tricycle.
  • From 4 to 6 years old. His motor development is more advanced. Perform skills like hopping, riding a bike, and moving the ball with your feet.
  • From 6 - 7 years old. The child will be physically ready to play sports.

The habit of playing sports must be built day by day, the participation of the family being fundamental. Therefore, it will be important that the environment where the little ones live is not sedentary and efforts must be made to motivate them so that they do not remain unemployed. To do this, some tips:

  • Expand the circle. In addition to the family, the little ones can also play with other children. This helps you to socialize and will teach you in the future to respect your coaches, teammates, opponents and referees. In addition, this solidarity helps you integrate values ​​such as cooperation.
  • Respect their abilities and tastes. Parents should let the child choose the sports activity they want to do, offering them various options.
  • Variety of sports. When they are little it is good that there is variety in the sports that they do. This does not reduce the experimentation of various movements.
  • Share the experience with them. It is important that parents do activities that involve exercise with their children, or even listen to what they have to say about the sports activity they do.
  • Sport is having fun. Sport should not be turned into an unhealthy competition where the first thing is to win at any cost. You have to teach that you can't always win. This carries with it the value of sportsmanship.
  • Let the child know that it is good to play sports. Children need to know that moving and being active is good, it makes them feel good both physically and emotionally. It is the parents who must transmit these values.
  • Stand by him. There will be times when the child feels insecure doing sports because things don't work out. Parents have to be by their side to get through those moments

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