Giving birth, at home or in the hospital?

Giving birth, at home or in the hospital?

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The death of Australian Caroline Lovell, champion of home birth, when giving birth to her second daughter at home due to cardiac arrest is a paradox of life, one of those that attracts a lot of attention and that when you find out from something like that, a chill runs through your entire body.

The girl fortunately survived the delivery, but this case reopens the debate on the safety of deliveries outside the maternity wards in clinics and hospitals.

On our site We present you the experiences of two mothers who decided to give birth, one at home and the other in the hospital.

In thinking about how I was going to give birth to my children, I have never hesitated to put myself in the best hands, the ones that can offer a medical health system that, in the event of any unforeseen event, can act in an expedited manner to save the life of the mother in labor or the newborn baby.

However, not all women think the same and that must be respected. I remember when I was pregnant with my first childOne of my friends, the closest at that time, also became pregnant and we had a difference of one month in the development of the pregnancy. Their company, affinity and complicity during the pregnancy was a very enriching experience for me that, as a pregnant woman and newcomer, comforted me enormously.

Her greatest wish during the entire pregnancy was to give birth at home, to provide her baby with a calm environment at the time of birth, with dim light, in the most absolute privacy and only accompanied by her husband and the mother. matron that he was going to attend her. Obsessed with that idea, which had made her husband's father, who was a doctor, and the rest of the family goosebumps, she attended talks and conferences on this practice throughout her pregnancy.

Finally, at the ninth month of pregnancy, her baby was breech and did not turn. She did not lose hope, as sometimes, at the last moment, babies turn to be born and are placed in a cephalic position, but this was not the case. Her son was very comfortable sitting in his womb and she finally had to go to the hospital to bring her baby into the world.

For all his family and friends the outcome was a relief. The assistance of a midwife at birth is sufficient, if all goes well, when the delivery is natural and complications do not arise. But, if something gets complicated, the mother and baby must be transferred urgently to the hospital, and sometimes, there is no time to save life.

Caroline Lovell was a staunch activist of home birth and took her fight to the highest levels of Government to request means and help to install this type of birth in the homes of women. She herself was convinced, as she wrote in one of her letters, that “life will be in danger without the help of adequate midwives from the State” and regretted that, as a mother, she would “have no choice but to have a childbirth. without home assistance ”.

- At hospital You will always have medical attention and a faster response to any unforeseen event.

- Most hospitals have units of neonatology to be able to take care of the baby if he suffers any problem after birth.

- Many women prefer to live a pain-free delivery and this is only possible in the hospital where epidural anesthesia is administered.

- Home birth, although it offers fewer medical guarantees, is more personal.

- At home you can be accompanied by the members of the family that you choose, even your children.

- You are in a familiar environment, which gives you comfort and security.

Marisol New.

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