Remember dad. Poems for Father's Day

Remember dad. Poems for Father's Day

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The children's poem 'Remember dad' It is a beautiful tribute dedicated to parents. A good idea for children to recite it on their birthday or on Father's Day. Dedicate this beautiful poetry to dad to show him all your love.

Nursery rhymes help develop memory, improve reading aloud and intonation. They also encourage creativity and are great fun for both children and adults.

With all my love, I remember you dad:

That if you don't play with me now,

when you want to do it I will have already grown.

That the harmony between you and mom

it will give me security before life and

it will make me successful or frustrated.

That my ability depends on your love

to love when I am an adult.

That I am very happy when you take me

asleep to my bed.

What what I learn with you

you will remember it for a lifetime.

What if we pray together

I learn to communicate with God.

That love and respect

that you show for our fellow men

it will be love and respect

that I have them when I grow up.

That I have personal interests as well.

I like take part in family decisions.

And that I need you as my best friend!

Remember dad. Remember Dad is a nice poem to brighten Father's day. Through poetry, children can learn to express their feelings and emotions to the people they love, such as their parents.

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