How to avoid heavy digestions in children during the summer

How to avoid heavy digestions in children during the summer

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If your child's digestive system is especially delicate, when you travel to your vacation place they may suffer, so much so that they may suffer from constipation at the change or, on the contrary, diarrhea.

In, we are going to give you a series of useful tips to make digestion better. You will see that they are very simple, and that you will be able to fulfill them without any problem. These are key guidelines to avoid heavy digestions in children during the summer.

These summer feeding guidelines help prevent heavy digestions in children and, of course, take care of and improve their daily diet:

- Reduce the consumption of carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks, with their gas component, are popular with many children, although it should be borne in mind that they are quite indigestible. Not only because of its high content of free sugars (unless your child consumes them in its sugar-free variant), but because the gas itself causes the lower esophageal sphincter to relax. For this reason, they favor reflux. Remember that the best way for your child to hydrate is with water.

- Be careful with the fried foods. When frying is prepared, especially if it is poorly executed (with unclean oil, at low temperature, etc.), the food becomes soaked in fat. And that excess fat makes the stomach empty worse. For this reason, digestions become more tedious. Whenever you can, I advise you to make / consume a baked, grilled, cooked, or steamed. Without going any further, the famous croquettes or Nuggets can be baked.

- Be careful with the ketchup. There are children whom I call todokétchup children. They are children who spread this sauce even over the chickpeas in the stew. Keep in mind that industrial ketchup has a large amount of free sugars and also vinegar. Sugars promote flatulence and increased bowel movements, and vinegar promotes reflux. So, don't let your children abuse the famous red sauce.

- Less drinkable yogurts. They seem innocent, and even beneficial to health, but their high content of free sugars favors diarrhea. Given the choice, the natural yogurts of a lifetime, the spoon ones, are healthier. You can reduce their acidic flavor with a little natural honey, and make them more fun with a healthy topping, like some nuts (if the child is over five years old).

- Whole fruit, assured health. The fiber in whole fruits serves to reduce the rate of absorption of some of the foods that your children eat, and thus make digestion much easier. So, in your hotel or destination apartment, whole fruits should never be missing. Much better whole than your own juice.

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