Why a doll should not be missing among your child's toys

Why a doll should not be missing among your child's toys

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What is the first toy that is given to a boy or a girl? In most cases, it is a doll. A bear, a stuffed or cloth puppy ... and you don't know how important it is to have a doll for the little ones!

When my daughter reached her first birthday, we gave her a doll that was almost bigger than her. His body was rigid and his limbs made of cloth. We have named him 'Jaimito', and he has been his first and great companion. Jaimito has gone around the world with her! She cared for him, bathed, taught him ... they were inseparable!

We tell you why a doll should not be missing among your child's toys.

Since I was little, I have always liked toys. Every doll that I won was an emotion for me. It's like when you make a new friend. You have so much to know and do with it, right? I remember perfectly that when I was 4 or 5 years old, I won the doll of my dreams. My aunt Teresa gave it to me to a doll that was taller than me, although our coexistence made us just the same. I took care of her a lot and she even slept with me. With my 'little friend', we have tried different hairstyles, we have put on makeup, and we have never gotten angry.

In addition to all the fun that dolls can bring to children's lives, they bring cognitive benefits to their lives. Dolls stimulate fantasy and creativity, and help foster feelings, abilities, and skills in children. The dolls, sensitize the Emotional development of children, break the myths and educate the love and affection of children.

With the dolls, children reproduce the reality of their daily lives, and imitate what they see in their environment. With Jaimito and his other dolls, for example, my daughter reproduced what she learned at school. She taught them classes and even repeated the same words her teacher used in the classroom. It was like a reproduction exercise of the reality that she lived.

Children can learn a lot with their dolls. They can acquire skills and abilities that will never be forgotten:

- To choose and combine clothes to dress your dolls

- To bathe their dolls

- To teach her dolls. To be teachers

- To take care of and feed to their dolls, help them sleep and give them loveā€¦ To be a mother or a father.

- Not to make a social or gender difference. Dummy or doll can do the same.

- To heal and comfort them. To be a doctor.

- Educate in values like love, protection and friendship.

Apart from everything that children can learn with the dolls, they can also be 'thermometers' so that they know how your child feels, how they would like to be cared for or treated ... Through living with the doll, children can express feelings and thoughts that are not perceptible in your day to day with them.

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