What can happen if a child mistakes magic for reality

What can happen if a child mistakes magic for reality

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This headline may be a bit alarmist; but this is one true story, a story that I have been able to live in my own flesh and that surely more than one feels identified in some way with it, or has heard something similar from a friend, relative or acquaintance.

This is the story that what can happen if a child mistakes magic for reality.

We tell you why the most common magic tricks can be dangerous for children.

A couple of years ago we went to celebrate a children's birthday at a Magic show. The children, who by then would be about 4 years old, were excited. They watched the tricks in astonishment and clapped and screamed like mad at the surprise that a woman emerged unharmed from a box after having cut it into pieces with a saw.

It was not a complicated show, but simple tricks of a lifetime, with handkerchiefs that come out of the sleeve and seem to have no end, to find out the letter you have thought about ... and among many others, one in which the magician put a coin for nose and put it out through the ear, to later insert a rope for one ear and take it out the other way.

The fact is that it seemed that the show shocked the kids, who left the event excited.

A few days later, one of the mothers who had attended the event told us with concern that the boy had an ear pain. To ease the pain she gave ibuprofen, thinking that it was not about anything important, but realized that the child was beginning to lose hearing and did not hear very well.

One night when getting up to go to school, the child's pillow was full of pus and blood, and very worried took him to the emergency room. The surprise came when the doctor looked at the boy's ear and discovered that inside there was a shoe rope about 10 cm. Faced with those two faces that looked at him in amazement, the boy confessed with shame that he had wanted to imitate the magician and inserting a piece of cord through one ear and to remove it through the other and, evidently, he had put it in, but had not been able to remove it. The child, scared because he sensed that he had done some mischief, did not want to tell his mother so that she would not scold him, so the cord stayed installed in his ear until it became infected inside the ear.

The child had to be treated with antibiotics, and lost part of hearing of that ear. But it did not stop there; The most alarming thing was that the following week another mother came to report that her son Luis had tried something similar. Luis had chosen a Jewess, since he could not find small coins, and he had stuck in the nose as far as the finger reached. The Jew was stuck, and like her partner, she did not notify her mother either. The fact is that the mother at 10 days saw that the child was sticking something out of the nose, and since it did not seem like something that should be there, she pulled what was sticking out, pulling out the bean that had germinated inside the nose; what was showing through the nostril was the root.

Luckily the children did not want to put the dog in a box and cut it with a saw or put a saber through its mouth. I do not mean by this that magic should disappear from children's lives, a childhood without magic is like a fried egg without salt, but yes that we must educate the children that it is about illusionism, visual tricks and that nothing is what it seems; a maxim that can not only be applied to magic, but to all aspects of life.

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