Color wheel for mixing colors. Experiment for children

Color wheel for mixing colors. Experiment for children

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Are you looking a craft or an experiment to bring science closer to children in a fun way? If you like colors, you can play with them. For example, creating secondary colors from primary colors.

Learn how to make your own color wheel to mix colors and have a fun time with your children. You just have to follow this step by step and you will not have any problem.


  • Cardboard
  • Celofan paper
  • Pair of scissors
  • Marker pen
  • Icecream sticks
  • Glue

We propose you this craft-experiment to learn to mix colors in a fun way. It's about making a color wheel to mix colors. You will see how it is very simple to do. You just have to follow these steps:

1. The first thing you have to do is create two equal large circles on the cardboard. If you don't have a compass handy, you can find a round object around the house and create your own circle by scoring it. They should be two rather large circles.

2. Now we will five small circles over each of our large circle. You can use the toilet paper roll as a mold. We make five circles in each of the big ones and cut them out.

3. It's the turn of the cellophane paper. Cut out squares that cover the entire small circle. Use these colors: Red, yellow, blue and green… Cut out a red square, two yellow ones, one green and one blue. Glue the red on top, the yellow ones on the sides and the green on the left and the blue on the right on the bottom two. In the other circle you do the same, only you change the order of the colors of the circles below.

4. Paste a stick of ice cream in each of your circles.

5. Now you must join the two circles with a toothpick. Glue in each of the circles the end of the stick that sticks out, after cutting it a little ...

6. Make sure your circles can move. And now yes .. Let's play !!

Find out what colors come out of mixing different colors… It's fun… and very educational !! Notice that with primary colors like red and yellow, you get a secondary color… orange !! Or from the blue and yellow primaries you get a secondary one… the green one !!

Play by creating different colored wheels and discovering all the colors you can get. Without a doubt, an excellent way to bring science to children in a fun and practical way.

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