The holidays begin. Children's fable about the end of the year

The holidays begin. Children's fable about the end of the year

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The holidays in the forest begin. All the animals that went to the forest school have finished the course very happy. Find out how the donkey Galileo and the squirrel Cascabel have done during the course, and if the teacher is happy with them.

A pretty fable for children about the end of the year and the beginning of the holidays.

It was the last day at the forest school. The students of the teacher Lechuza looked attentively at the clock. The squirrel Rattlesnake started countdown: Ten, nine, eight ...! The donkey Galileo and the Barb hedgehog joined her, following with him: seven, six, five! Then the whole class chanted louder and louder: four, three, two, one! ... vacation!

The students stampeded saying goodbye:Goodbye teacher Owl, good summer, until next year!

The classroom was silent and the teacher took stock of the course, while she placed the moved chairs and collected notes from the floor.

She was happy: her students had learned the syllabus and other lessons that did not come in the books such as being better companions, not judging without knowing or telling the truth the first time. They had managed to resolve their differences, speaking to clear up misunderstandings and had discovered that you have to respect to be respected.

- "Yes, it has been a good year" - concluded the teacher Lechuza, as she turned off the light in the classroom and closed the door.

"My students: They have studied and they have learned, a good summer they have deserved"

If you want to know if your child has understood the text, you just have to ask these simple reading comprehension questions.

  • Why were the children counting down?
  • Why were the children so happy?
  • Do you think everyone had good grades?
  • What had the children learned?
  • Was the teacher happy?

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