Very fun pool games for children

Now that the good weather is here, the pools begin to fill with users of all ages. Children love to play in the water and it is also an activity that shares leisure and physical exercise. But as always we have children in the water, you have to be watching.

To be able to take advantage of the holidays and the summer season in a satisfactory way, it is necessary to go to a pool that meets all the safety requirements for children. It is very important that our little ones do not take unnecessary risks to be able to focus solely on the fun of the pool games.

There are many benefits of swimming for children and the sooner they learn to swim, the more they will enjoy water games and the more peace of mind parents will have in terms of their safety. In the sea or in the pool, the possibilities of games are many and all of them are combined with the advantages of being active and practicing physical exercise.

If fun is a Right for children, physical exercise is a must and both are combined in these games in the pool that children enjoy like no one else. The combination of swimming pool, children and summer is surely the most successful to enjoy the Best vacations. But what can children play in the pool?

1. Relays
It is a typical game of swimming pools and swimming lessons. The way to organize the relays will depend on age of the children, their resistance and their speed. It is the best way for children to continue to exercise while playing.

2. Statues
Ideally, for this pool game, an adult should stand in the pool with their legs spread wide as a colossus of rhodes. Children will have a lot of fun passing quickly between the legs of the human statue.

3. Search the treasure
You don't need to know how to scuba dive to jump into the pool bottom to look for some objects previously deposited there. The child who obtains the most treasures or the one who does it the fastest will win.

4. Water polo
Although water polo is a sport, it is also a game that children enjoy. No need to know the rules In this sport, two teams of children can be formed trying to score goals and they will spend an unforgettable day in the pool.

5. Jumps
For the most expert little swimmers a jumping contest It is the ideal game in which they have fun and continue to practice swimming. Let's see who jumps the farthest in the pool.

A baby could drown in a pool with as little as 12 inches of water. Says the National Association for Child Safety who has developed a series of tips for parents consider when taking their children to a pool:

1. Supervise the children. Keep an eye on them and never leave them alone in the pool
Distractions such as chatting with friends or consulting a cell phone should be avoided. Children, even if they know how to swim, are not free from having an accident in the pool.

2. Teach children to swim as soon as possible
Children knowing simple swimming movements can save you from an accident. Teach your children to always be in the part of the pool where they can touch the bottom with their feet. This way, you can defend yourself better.

3. Avoid toys in the water
If the child wants to play ball or another game, it is best to do so outside the pool in an area more appropriate for it. If all the children bring a toy to the pool, it would be dangerous for them and the other children. At most children can be with arm or body floats, nothing more.

4. Levels of protection
Depending on the risks detected and the characteristics of the house, security devices will be installed to prevent children from reaching the pool, both from inside the house and from outside (fences, closing doors ...).

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