Stories for children. Sara and Lucia

Stories for children. Sara and Lucia

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Take advantage of children's stories to educate your child in values. They are great for children to understand certain more complex concepts.

In this case, we offer you the story of 'Sara and Lucia', a story about two friends based on an essential value: that of sincerity.

Once upon a time, there were two very friendly girls named Sara and Lucia. They had known each other since they were very little and they always shared everything with each other.

One day Sara and Lucia went shopping. Sara tried on a shirt and asked her friend Lucia for her opinion. Lucia, without hesitating twice, told him that she did not like how it turned out and advised her to find another model.

Then Sara was offended and left the store crying, leaving her friend there.

Lucia was very sad and saddened by her friend's reaction.

He didn't understand her anger since she had only told him the truth.

When she got home, Sara told her mother what had happened and her mother made her see that her friend had only been honest with her and she didn't have to be upset about it.

Sara reflected and realized that her mother was right.

The next day she ran to apologize to Lucia, who immediately forgave her with a big smile.

Since then, the two friends understood that true friendship is based on sincerity.

And red bunting this story is over, and whoever gets angry will stay seated.


Short story by Noelia Rodríguez Pérez (Spain)

This short story, so easy for the little ones to understand, is ideal for talking with children of the value of sincerity and the value of friendship. Friendship is not understood without sincerity, although it sometimes 'hurts'. You can help your child understand the message of the story by reflecting on these questions:

  1. What are the main friends called?
  2. Why was Sara angry?
  3. What did your mother say when she told you?
  4. What did Sara finally do?

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