Lucky becomes famous. Fable for children about humility

Lucky becomes famous. Fable for children about humility

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Lucky was part of a music band, but one day he became very famous, what would happen to the other members of his band? Would they still be friends?

This is a beautiful children's fable that will teach children the value of modesty. Humility is a value that children find difficult to assume, and yet it is very important to be able to empathize with others and be a good friend.

Find out how this ends fable for children about humility.

Lucky, Poncho and Banjo were three raccoons that formed a rock band, in the Red Maple Forest. Lucky was the soloist, Poncho played the electric guitar and Banjo was in charge of the keyboard.

They practiced together in the Great Burrow because it had good acoustics and a lot of raccoons could come to hear them.

They really enjoyed the music, but one fine day Lucky had to go with his family to a distant forest and the band broke up.

Lucky continued composing his songs alone and after a few years, his songs were playing on all radio stations. He had become famous! Thousands of fans flocked to see him at concerts, texting and cheering him wherever he went.

Lucky was showered with offers to perform in major cities and contracts with the best record labels. When his agent suggested a tour, Lucky insisted on going through the Red Maple Forest, but the agent replied:

- No Lucky, you have to go to important capitals, not those small places.

But the raccoon was firm:

- If we don't go through the Red Maple Forest, I won't sing for anyone.

So the agent had no choice but to give in.

Poncho and Banjo bought two tickets when they found out that Lucky was coming near their houses. They had doubts as to whether fame would have changed him or would he remain the same as ever.

"Maybe he doesn't even remember us," Banjo said.

"Or we are not good enough to remain his friends, now that he is famous," added Poncho.

The curtain began to rise and Lucky appeared willing to sing. But before doing so, he sought out his former colleagues from the audience. As soon as he located them, he gestured for them to come on stage and called for a loud applause for Poncho and Banjo. The Red Maple Forest band was playing together again.

The raccoonsHappy for the reunion, they performed the old songs and the new songs. The concert was a total success. When finished, the three friends melted into a hug.

Moral: Even if you become known or famous, be grateful and be kind.

Find out if your child has understood the fable of Lucky becomes famous with these simple reading comprehension questions:

  • Where did the raccoons play?
  • Did Lucky play an instrument?
  • What instrument would you play if you had a band?
  • Why did Lucky want to play in the Red Maple Forest?
  • Was Lucky being nice to his friends?

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