For clean waters. Story for children about the importance of caring for the sea

The garbage problem en the sea is growing increasingly. And we must make children aware of the importance of caring for the environment so that we can all live healthy on this planet.

Taking care of the seas and oceans It is a pending issue in the education of children, and yet one of the most worrying problems that surrounds planet Earth; without sea there is no life on earth.

With this children's story you can teach your children the importance of caring for the sea and the seabed.

The mermaids were angry with humans. They had always lived at the bottom of the seas and oceans, enjoying the bright colors of the corals and taking care of the animals and marine plants. However, in recent years they lived surrounded by garbage and plastics, and they saw how, little by little, their rich world was disappearing. In addition, the mermaids ended their days exhausted from cleaning so much and they could dedicate little time to singing, which was what they liked the most. And the fault was of the humans, who were not careful at all and threw their garbage into the sea.

In search of a solution, at night, the mermaids would approach the shore of the beaches to leave the humans messages made with clams where they asked for his help and collaboration. However, people did not seem to know anything. The problem became so great that a gigantic plastics island that did not allow light to enter the seabed, which caused the fish and mermaids of that region to leave their homes.

However, the mermaids were persistent and knew that they needed the help of humans to eliminate the garbage of the seas. And it was a summer day when a girl named Salma decrypted the message of clams from the beach. He quickly gave the alarm to the elderly and although many continued to dirty, more and more people took care of the waters so that the rich marine world did not disappear. Words like recycling, caring for the environment, ecology ... began to be important.

This is how the mermaids reconciled with the humans and sang for them again. They even created a song of gratitude to Salma, which they popularized throughout the oceans, since thanks to her color and joy reigned in the kingdom of Neptune.

If you want to find out if your child has understood the story of "For some clean waters", you just have to ask these simple reading comprehension questions.

  • Why were mermaids angry with humans?
  • How did the mermaids want to tell humans that they had a problem?
  • What was the problem that was created in the middle of the sea?
  • What did the humans do?
  • What do you think all humans should do to clean the dirt from the sea?

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