How to get rid of baby gums

How to get rid of baby gums

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Many babies wake up with blemished eyes. Is this normal? Well, in most cases yes. This is due to several reasons: one of them is that babies spend a lot of time asleep, therefore there are many hours that their eyes are closed, so the water from the tears does not evaporate, but accumulates and also does not it is drained properly as it would if the eye were open longer. But how do you get rid of baby gums?

When the eye is open, the tears that hydrate the eye pass to the baby's nose through drainage tubes. If these ducts are too narrow or blocked, we would be facing a case of lacrimal duct stenosis, which may resolve on its own or may need medical intervention to open that duct, once the baby reaches the first year of life.

Another cause of excess legañas in babies is conjunctivitis. If we add red, itchy or swollen eyes to the accumulation of legañas, it may be an infectious process and we have to go to the pediatrician to assess whether it is viral, bacterial or allergic and could require treatment with antibiotics in addition to eye cleaning.

1 - To maintain good hygiene of the baby's eyes, it is advisable to clean them twice a day. If our baby has legañas it is important not to try to open his eyes dry to avoid causing damage.

2 - Before and after cleaning the baby's eyes we have to clean our hands well to avoid contagions or infections.

3 - To eliminate legañas, one option is to add physiological eye saline to soften the remains that remain in the eye and eliminate them with the help of a sterilized gauze by making gentle movements from the nose to the ear.

4 - A comfortable posture to clean the baby's eyes is turn him face up, pour the serum into your eye and gently tilt your head out, not towards the nose, so that the serum reaches the entire ocular surface and does not get the other eye wet.

5 - We should not use never cotton as it can leave traces in the eye.

6 - To avoid possible infections it is important to use a gauze for each eye cleaning each one individually.

7 - You can also use eye hygiene wipes instead of sterile gauze to clean the baby's eyes.

8 - Another option for cleaning the eyes of babies according to some voices is to use breast milk. Once extracted, it is placed in a sterile dropper and a few drops are applied to each eye. According to some voices, the properties of breast milk, due to the antibodies it contains, help prevent possible infections in the baby's eye.

One of the most widespread home remedies for cleaning legañas is the use of chamomile, for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. Although according to many experts point out, This option is increasingly in disuse because, as it is not aseptic hygiene, it can cause allergies and infections since the water where the infusion is made is not sterile and we can also pour the remains of the plant into the eye without wishing to do so.

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