How to stimulate creative thinking in children

How to stimulate creative thinking in children

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Thomas Edison, American inventor who we owe the discovery of the light bulb, had the following experience. A journalist once asked him about the 999 failures he had to suffer before making this great breakthrough. He responded, brilliantly: 'Don't fail. It was not a thousand failed attempts, it was an invention of a thousand steps. '

The scientist tried hundreds and hundreds of other materials without giving the expected result, and instead of feeling defeated, he continued creating other alternatives until he gave the expected solution. This is precisely what is known as creative thinking. Do you know how we parents can stimulate creative thinking in children? In our site we give you the answers.

All people have the ability to create new ideas and solutions, however there are some people who this ability is more developed. This is due to several factors, where some are biological and others environmental.

This last factor is very important - the construction of contexts that favor the emergence of creativity; allowing children a stimulation that involves developing creative thinking. Then it is worth asking How can we facilitate creativity and creative thinking in children? Parents can build these environments by performing the following practical exercises:

Pun. It consists of an exercise in which children must say or write words that begin with a letter. For example. "Say ... words of ... started with ... F". Faced with this challenge, the child may respond by saying flute, vase, seal, etc.

Build objects with recycled elements. We can collect elements that have been discarded so that we give them to the children and they can display their creativity by building different things by recycling these materials, giving them a different use than the one they had initially.

Metaphors It is known that the use of metaphors greatly awakens creativity. So the idea is to deliver different words, so that from them the children can build different metaphors, for example: I say the word… clouds… and the child answers the following metaphor: “cottons in the sky”.

Draw. It is recognized that art develops brain areas linked to creativity. It is therefore essential to provide children with activities where they can draw freely.

Play with your children. Play allows the imagination to develop. It promotes a playful climate where you can invent different situations and activities. It is recommended to accompany him and find ways to further increase the ability to invent more games, promoting freedom of expression so that he can generate his own ideas, creating a climate of security that allows him to promote his skills.

Thomas Edison and many more people who were able to show their creativity had the possibility of having spaces that promoted their skills. Parents have in their hands the ability to increase this capacity in their children. You only need to take a short time from your daily life and share with your children so that they themselves star in this possibility.

Perhaps, by giving them a space by which they create these new worlds, one is forging a future doctor who will discover new revolutionary treatments for health, or an artist who allows the emergence of a new trend in painting or music. .

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