The problem of magic. Story for children about the importance of reaching agreements

The problem of magic. Story for children about the importance of reaching agreements

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Reach agreements It is not always easy, especially when people have different interests. Arguments can ruin our friendships and make us feel bad about ourselves, that is why we must teach children to reach agreements or pacts to solve their problems, but what happens when adults are the ones who do not know how to solve conflicts through agreements ? Do you think children could do better?

Find out how the story of The Magic Problem ends and teach your child the importance of reaching agreements with others.

All the inhabitants of the town of Ensoñación knew that they lived in a very special place full of magic. And it is that they only had to wish something for it to be fulfilled. However, there was a requirement that had to be given if they wanted the magic to speak: everyone had to agree on the desired and the request. With a single vote against, the magic would not work.

There were things that were easy to reach agreements with. For example, all the neighbors wanted the cows to have rich pastures so that they could give the best milk. It also had to rain regularly so the field was watered and the sun had to shine very high so that the children could play in the parks and dive into the mighty river in summer. There were even Sundays when they indulged themselves and wished the rainbow would shine through the clouds all day.

But there was also disagreements important. Gerardo did not like that any rooster woke him up early in the morning with his kikirikí. And, since the rest of the town did not want to delay the crowing of the rooster at ten in the morning, he did not allow Ramón's donkey to be stronger to make heavier loads and finish before transporting the straw bales.

Matilde, who liked to make delicious strawberry tarts, wanted them to grow throughout the year. But since Begoña liked apple more, and she was tired of so much strawberry, she would not allow it.

Over time, in the town of Ensoñación they only heard discussions and all the neighbors were angry. It was then that the school teacher found the solution. As all the boys and all the girls had gotten very good grades, and seemed to be the most intelligent and sensible, he proposed that only the little ones could make wishes and that these should be approved by the whole town. This was done. And the joy returned to Ensoñación since the little ones only wanted to play. And who doesn't like to play games and make work and study fun?

If you want to know if your child has understood the story of The Magic Problem, you just have to ask these simple reading comprehension questions.

  • What was the peculiarity of the town of Ensoñación?
  • Why were the neighbors arguing?
  • Does the solution proposed by the teacher sound good to you?
  • What would you have asked for?
  • What other solution would you propose to avoid arguments?

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