Compatibility of the Aquarius mother with her Pisces child

Compatibility of the Aquarius mother with her Pisces child

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If you were born between January 21 and February 18 you are an Aquarius mother. This is an air sign, under the dominance of the planets Saturn and Uranus, planets of explosions and violent influxes. Aquariums have a great freedom of spirit and intelligence, but they are also characterized by having inexplicable behaviors and great versatility to face changes. Will this be compatible with the calm and sensitive children of the Pisces sign?

We reveal the compatibility between the Aquarius mother and her Pisces child.

Undoubtedly this is a sign characterized by its emotionality and creativity. Aquarius mothers are fun and quirky mothers, far removed from the typical classic-style mother. Her desire for freedom, and a mind that brings her closer to the future than the present, makes her turn these expectations over to her children, showing them the way to fly as soon as possible. Aquarius mothers let their children express themselves freely, they oppose convention, are attracted to unusual things, surprises, and seek to experience it all. They have great communication skills and are very empathetic with their children.

However, they are very unstable, as soon as you can expect something from them, as the opposite, because their great imagination, and a juxtaposition of personalities that lives inside them, leads them to have unexpected behaviors, which can drive their children a little crazy.

Like their mother, Pisces children are also a water sign, which makes them as fickle as they are. However, in contrast to their mothers, Pisces children are reserved and intuitive, full of continuous contrasts, confusion and great struggles.

Beneath his calm appearance hides a complex character that drowns in a glass of water with any problem of the day to day and that never finishes solving.

They are sincere, sensitive, kind, generous, and affectionate children, but not happy, since they have a fatalistic and self-destructive feeling that leads to melancholy.

They love nature, music and poetry and know how to win sympathy with their kindness and delicacy.

They do not have very close friendships but they are sociable, although their great inner honesty sometimes cause them great headaches.

The Pisces son or daughter needs a constant support and lots of love, and that is something that Aquarius mothers find it difficult to express. Still, these two signs have many things in common: they are both fickle, have mood swings, are peaceful, flee from fighting, and are understanding.

On the other hand, the passivity and laziness of Pisces children is something that unnerves Aquarius mothers, who are impulsive and hardworking, always with expectations in sight.

The lack of resolution Of Pisces children, for fear of being wrong, since they are excessively sensitive and kind, makes them constantly abandon their goals, which stresses Aquarius mothers. However, their self-denial and altruism often lead them to sacrifice for others, even if this leads to inner sadness.

Pisces children seek the tranquility of the routines of what traditional, and the refuge of family and home, something that the fickle mother Aquarius cannot provide, always in search of adventure, of leaving her house and of novelties.

Pisces children are easy to educate, although they are not good at studies. Be careful not to impress them too much, as their high sensitivity can cause lifelong trauma. They must be kept away from violence and strong emotions. And if Aquarius mothers can overcome their individuality, and give their child a bit of stability and lots of pampering, their relationship can be quite good.

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