Christmas names for twin boys and girls

Christmas names for twin boys and girls

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How many Natalias, Manolos or Cristinas do you know? Well, although it may not seem like it, these are names related to Christmas. Although not as common as before, it still persists the tradition of giving babies the names of the saint of the dayAnd if the time you are born is Christmas, your name is most likely Christian or Hebrew and you don't even know it.

You are going to have twins or twins and you still don't know what name you are going to give them. If they are born at Christmas in We give you some ideas so that your twins are a little more special and have the date of their birth engraved in their name. The most of these names have Christian origin and surely you did not know they were related to these dates. Some of them will surprise you.

Mary and Jose: Unquestionably the protagonists of these dates. Mary is of Hebrew origin and means ‘The chosen one’, while Joseph refers to ‘He whom God magnifies’.

Jesus and Annunciation: Jesus comes from the Hebrew Joshua, which means ‘Salvation’, while Annunciation is of Spanish origin and refers to the annunciation of the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary.

Natividad and Natalia: These two names really have the same meaning and their etymology is the Christmas party itself. The same as Noel and Noelia, of Latin origin and whose meaning derives from the French Natal and which means "The day of birth."

Incarnation and Jordan: The first name represents for Christianity the moment in which God assumed human nature; while the second is about the river in which Jesus was baptized, although in its Anglo-Saxon form Jordan, it means "He who descends."

Bethlehem and Nazareth: Two of the most important cities for the childhood of Jesus Christ. Bethlehem means "House of Bread" and Nazareth is the place where Jesus began to preach.

Cristina and Christian: They both mean ‘Christian’, like Cristóbal, and their meaning is ‘Who leads Christ’.

Manuel and Manuela: Its saints coincide with the first day of the year, but also its Latin linguistic origin means "God among us." Very common in Andalusia for being a way for the Moors and Jewish converts to leave testimony of their conversion to Christianity.

Melchor and Gaspar: Although they are quite common names, it is rare to find these two names together. Together with Baltasar they form the three Magi. All are of oriental origin but the funny thing is that their own names refer to their condition within Christmas. Baltasar is ‘The protégé of God’; Melchor is ‘King of Light’ and is usually represented with a lamp; while Gaspar means ‘Administrator of the treasure’ and is the one who is incarnated as the king who delivers the presents to Jesus at his birth.

Virginia and Gabriel: The first of Latin origin promulgates the purity of the Virgin, the second means ‘Strength of God’, and it was the angel who announced to Mary the birth of Jesus.

But there are other names that suggest Christmas and whose etymology is unknown to most of us. For example Claudia is the feminine of Claus; Silvestre is the saint who gives his name to the last day of the year; Esteban comes from the second day of Christmas, and Innocent, from the day of the Holy Innocents.

But really if a name of biblical origin is appropriate for a twin boy it is: Thomas. Of Aramaic origin, he is considered the second Judas of the Apostles in the New Testament, and his meaning is 'Twin'.

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