What to do if you look around and your child has disappeared

What to do if you look around and your child has disappeared

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It is one of the most terrifying nightmares of parents, so much so that the simple act of talking about it gives us chills.

However, it is something that happens, hundreds of children are kidnapped in the world, even with their parents in front of them. Some appear, sadly many others were never heard from again. Experts say that the first moments are essential to be able to rescue you. This is the first thing to do if, all of a sudden, you look around, and your son has disappeared.

On many occasions, fortunately, it is nothing more than a child's prank, that out of curiosity he ran out and moments later from the public address system of a shopping center, an amusement park or a swimming pool a phrase that brings the parents back to life: "the parents of minor X can go through the information point to pick him up."

Yet sadly in this world, there are those who kidnap minors to send them to the child trafficking mafias or to satisfy their most brutal instincts. We parents know this and we always try to be aware, especially in crowded places; We talk to our children and give them guidelines on how to deal with strangers and even then, misfortune can happen. How to act immediately after your child has disappeared?

The first thing you should do is shout his name and ask for the collaboration of those around him. The deployment of several people to cover the maximum perimeter shouting "We are looking for a child, his name is X, he is 4 years old and he wears yellow" may seem something very obvious, however, it is what often makes the difference between misfortune and a happy story ending.

The louder it is shouted and the more people collaborate, the more chances there are that either someone will find the child who was simply lost or, and here is the important thing, whoever wanted to take him away considers the mission too dangerous and abandons the child.

Shout quickly, give the description of the child and that the more people who are aware of the fact the better it supposes that whoever has the child cannot leave the place without being seen and abandon the idea of ​​kidnapping the child. This simple measure has saved the lives of many children who related how someone took them by the hand and wanted to teach them something.

Even if you suspect that your child may be around the corner, it is an action to take immediately. What can happen if the child appears 50 meters ahead looking at a shop window? A little embarrassed because the boy is naughty? That luck is worth running.

It is desirable that no parent goes through something like this, but sadly, it does. If at any time you find yourself in that situation, shout, shout loud and clear, say who you are looking for and what they are like, ask for the collaboration of others and avoid with all the strength of your vocal cords, a very sad ending.

If, despite shouting his name and asking for citizen collaboration, the child does not appear, what to do is:

  • Call the Police and report the incident immediately.
  • Do not wait until 24 hours have passed since their disappearance and report the fact as soon as possible.
  • Give maximum information to the Security Forces about the child: name, physical description, age, how he was dressed, in what circumstances he disappeared.
  • Provide a recent photograph of the child.
  • Alert the Police if you are in the middle of a custody battle or suspect an adult who may put their well-being at risk.
  • Let us know if you think he may have left voluntarily
  • Check with the Police about the possibility of starting a search campaign through social networks or the media.

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