Does it hurt children to grow up?

Does it hurt children to grow up?

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Is it true that children have growing pains? That is the big question that many parents ask themselves. Especially when your child comes in complaining of leg pain. Has there been a hit? Or is it growing?

Growing up hurts, yes (although some doctors argue that it doesn't hurt to grow up, but rather that this pain is due to excessive physical activity). But growing pain is different from other bone and joint pain.

Write down the keys to rule out any other problem that has nothing to do with the growth of your children.

1. This type of pain occurs especially between 4 and 8 years. They are very common. It is estimated that they affect 40% of children.

2. They are located mainly in the legs and arms. Why? It is where the longest bones are found, which are the ones that are most modified with bone growth.

3. They are never joint pain (more related to rheumatic diseases). The growing pains do not occur in the knees, wrists or ankles, but in the front of the leg, or in the calves.

4. They do not give fever.

5. They do not cause swelling, no bruises or external injuries. In the event of a bruise at the site of pain, it may be due to trauma.

6. It is a persistent, continuous pain, but it is not too severe. The child will surely keep running and jumping. It is not a pain so severe as to stop you.

7. Pain lasts from a few minutes to a few hours. It can occur several times a week in a month. And be given for two or three months.

8. Growth pain usually occurs at night, as this is when the muscles stay cold. It may even happen that the child wakes up due to these discomforts. But if the pain persists in the morning, after the child has rested, it is not a growing pain.

9. These pains occur more in spring and summer, the stations most prone to 'lugs'. You know why? Because it is when children are most active and do more sports.

10. Growth pain easily yields with a massage in the painful area or with analgesics.

To soothe this type of pain, you can resort to painkillers, but if the pain is not very strong, home remedies may be useful:

- Warm baths fight bone pain.

- A massage in the painful area.

- Muscle stretching of the affected area.

- Warm cloths on the area where the child feels pain.

- It is important that you teach your child to stretch after practicing any sport or physical effort. This habit can prevent stiffness and joint pain.

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