Left-handed children. Write with the left hand

Studies indicate that between 12 and 15 percent of the world's child population is left-handed. They also reveal that the left-hander phenomenon is more common in men (11%) than in women (9%), without determining why.

A left-handed person is one who has a preference for using the left hand for a variety of actions such as catching, reaching, throwing, playing, pointing, writing, and manipulating.

Left-handed children also show a predilection for the left foot to take their first steps, to walk, ride a tricycle, kick a ball, jump rope, etc.

As a general rule, be left handed it means having some degree of mastery of the right side of the brain. Years ago, a left-handed child was not seen normally. Left-hander was thought to be a health problem. Today, it is already known that left-handedness is not a disease. It is just a characteristic of the child that cannot and should not be corrected.

Normally, it is at school that a child is detected as left-handed, because that is when he begins to use his hands more frequently. Up to 3 or 4 years, children use both hands interchangeably. To check if a child is left-handed or right-handed, it is necessary to observe which hand, foot or eye he uses when: he kicks a ball, brushes his teeth, combs his hair, carries a glass, jumps rope, covers or uncovers a bottle, looks by a kaleidoscope, write or take a photo.

The eye, hand or foot naturally chosen to perform the actions is usually the dominant one.

A child is left handed not because he decided so. Experts confirm that a person is right-handed or left-handed from the moment they are born. The dominance of the hand, whether right or left, is determined by the brain.

The right side controls the left hand and the left the right hand. For this reason, a left-handed child cannot be forced to write with his right hand. There is no training that makes you change.

No matter how much effort is made, the child will continue to tend to use his left hand to perform actions since this is part of his nature and not a habit or custom that he has acquired. If a child is forced to use his weaker and less skilled hand to perform tasks, the results can be frustrating for him. It will exhaust you for no reason and make you clumsier.

Changing the child's lateral preferences has disadvantages such as difficulty distinguishing right from left, writing disorders, dyslexia, and even stuttering. The main concern regarding left-handers is children's adaptability to a world made mostly for right-handers.

Some studies claim that genetics is one of the causes of left-hander. A child with a left-handed parent has about a 10% chance of being one too. In the case that it is the left-handed mother, this probability increases up to 20%. And if both the father and the mother are left-handed, the child can be 50% left-handed.

However, there are other factors that also explain why a child is born left-handed. There is research linking a high level of testosterone (male hormone) present in the mother's uterus before the baby is born. Others reveal that injuries to a baby's brain hemisphere, during pregnancy or in the first two months of life, can induce one of them to develop further. If it is the left hemisphere that is injured, the left-hander will probably develop.

Another cause can occur during ultrasound scans and ultrasounds, in pregnancies, because they can affect the brain of the fetus, causing it to develop a left-handed personality.

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