10 things you should do to prevent your child from choking

Choking in children is very common in children, more than we think, so much so that it is the second leading cause of death in children under 3 years of age. It occurs when a piece of food or other object gets stuck in the upper or middle airways and prevents oxygen from reaching, not only the lungs, but also the brain. If the brain does not receive oxygen, irreversible brain damage or death could occur after 3 to 4 minutes.

It is, therefore, essential that parents know what can cause suffocation in children, sometimes the danger is closer than we imagine.

It has happened to many parents and we have lived with horror that moment when the baby chokes and changes color as he opens his eyes and tries to get air. It is really distressing, they are seconds that seem eternal.

The pediatrician of my young son already warned me in his day, the curiosity of the children, the little carelessness and the ignorance of the parents make that children come to the consultations who have swallowed batteries, marbles, clips, coins, earrings, screws, Safety pins, little toys ... The list is as long as it is surprising.

The danger in these cases is that objects get stuck in the glottis and prevent the child from breathing. To avoid this, parents have to follow these tips:

1. Identify which objects could cause the baby to suffocate and put them aside: buttons, marbles, coins, small pieces of toys, balloons ...

2. Watch the child while eating: never leave him alone, any small piece of food, and even liquid that goes wrong, could cause suffocation.

3. Cut food into small pieces. Make sure they are the right size, one of the foods that cause the most suffocation in children is the sausages that cut into slices are the size of the glottis and can get stuck in it.

4. Avoid certain foodsCandy, nuts or other solid foods could choke your baby. Each food has its age and its stage.

5. Never feed your child or baby while running, plays, walks, is jumping or laughing, it is likely that you could choke.

6. Do not have toys that are not suitable for their age within the child's reach. There are games that have small pieces, very attractive for the little ones who tend to put them in their mouths.

7. Avoid older siblings giving you food or dangerous toys for a younger child.

8. Never use bottles, pacifiers and other baby products that are not certified and guaranteed for the use of young children. Pieces could break off and be swallowed by the baby.

9. It is important that you are prepared to know what to doLearn what first aid techniques to use if a child or baby chokes.

10. Be an example for your children. Do not suck caps off pens, bracelets, or any other small object. Children always observe and imitate our behavior.

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