The stress of going back to school

The stress of going back to school

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I'm farsighted, or so I think. And even so, going back to school always causes me stress. Textbooks that have not yet arrived, unchecked school supplies, the backpack, which was not in as good condition as one thought ... And it turns out that the polo shirts from the previous year reach them through the navel and the baby has stains that are impossible to take.

The days before classes start become a race against the clock for parents. Search in extremis for the missing clothes, cover books and homework notebooks, take the child to the hairdresser so that he does not arrive at school with his hair matted and destroyed by the chlorine in the pool ... An endless list of tasks. At the end of the day, the exhausted parents fall into bed and whisper ... let school start now!

We all tend to have good intentions. But good resolutions, most of the time, end up being cornered in the country of 'I'll do it tomorrow', until a day comes when you say: but I haven't prepared anything! And then the crazy races begin, the endless lines to get a uniform shirt or those last minute orders to the clothing repair shop, in case that skirt that you can no longer button your daughter could be used for another year. .

I still have unmarked books stacked on a chair and unlined notebooks, waiting for a free minute. The uniform clothes are waiting impatiently in the drawers and I still haven't managed to send the children to sleep before 11pm.

I don't know what time they start the first day, nor the names of all the teachers. I don't know what extracurricular activities they will have, nor have I tried their shoes on. I have to see if I still have tea tree left to prevent the spread of lice. And I did not prepare the toiletry bag with the properly identified toothbrush, toothpaste and comb.

I don't know if the sports socks can be reused or if the shoes passed the previous course without holes. The bills don't go out, and the expenses far exceed all expectations. So a few days of heart attack, stress and despair await me.

Then they say that children suffer from post-holiday depression, and that you have to do everything possible to make going back to school much easier. Lest they get stressed. The first day they only go to class for a few hours. The first month of school, they only have class hours in the morning. So the evidence shows that post-vacation depression is actually more for parents. Or not?

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